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Promote OWOX BI on your website and get 60% of the first payment for new subscribers.

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OWOX affiliate program
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Benefits for affiliate partners

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A generous reward of 60%

Receive 60% of the first payment made by each new OWOX BI user you bring in.

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Long cookie duration 90 days

Get rewarded if users you refer sign up for OWOX BI and pay with a credit card within 90 days of registering.

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Monthly payments from $100

Get paid as soon as your balance reaches $100. Payments are made monthly, and balances below $100 will automatically be transferred to the next month.

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How to become an affiliate

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    Sign up for the OWOX BI Affiliate Program and get your unique referral link.

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    Explain on your website or on social media how OWOX BI helps companies improve marketing analytics and post your referral link.

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    Get 60% of the first payment when a user clicks on your link, signs up for OWOX BI, and pays for a subscription within 90 days.

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Start earning today!

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