Webinar 27 June 2017

Expert Tips and Techniques for Using Google Tag Manager

  • Pavel Loba

    Pavel Loba

    Tech Lead
    at OWOX BI

  • Andrej Sukhovoj

    Andrej Sukhovoj

    Head of Analytics, OWOX BI

​Google Tag Manager is a free tool which makes it easier to manage tags and code snippets for web analytics, remarketing, and a number of other tasks by reducing the need to involve developers or edit website code. In early May of 2017, Google Tag Manager rolled out a new feature which makes managing Universal Analytics tracking codes much easier: the Google Analytics Settings variable.

The webinar will cover:

  • The main advantages and basic settings of Google Tag Manager;
  • Examples of how you can use Google Tag Manager to track JavaScript errors, scroll depth, and time on pages;
  • Using Google Tag Manager to prevent duplicate transactions in Google Analytics;
  • Helpful built-in features and how to use them: Tag Sequencing — to facilitate the sequential firing of tags; Workspaces — to create and manage multiple sets of changes to a container (eg. when different users need to work on tag configurations independently);
  • The new features in GTM, such as: the new Google;Analytics Settings variable which helps configure settings across multiple Google;Analytics tags; and the «Approvals» functionality which allows for requesting changes to GTM containers;
  • Answers to your;questions.

A pleasant bonus:

After the webinar, you’ll receive a detailed checklist on working with Google Tag Manager, and other useful materials on the topic.​

The webinar will be useful for:

​Analysts, marketing specialists, webmasters, IT specialists and everyone who uses Google Tag Manager in their line of work.