Webinar 5 July 2018

How to Automate Your Marketing Reports. Insights from Santehnika-Online and OWOX BI

  • Pavel Zemskov

    Pavel Zemskov

    Web Analyst at Santehnika-Online

  • Oleg Kharchenko

    Oleg Kharchenko

    Senior Digital Analyst
    at OWOX BI

Running a huge number of ad campaigns? Willing to spend your marketing budget smart, and to see how your ads perform instead of building reports that nobody needs? If you feel the same, then this is a webinar for you!​

​Web analysts, Oleg Kharchenko and Pavel Zemskov, will tell you about how Santehnika-Online managed to automate running ad campaigns with the help of Google services like BigQuery, Apps Script, Sheets and Data Studio. Oh, and here’s a link to Santehnika’s success story in case you want to learn more about the company.

What’s in the program

​You’ll learn more about Santehnika-Online and the company’s challenges on the way to success.

​Here’s how Santehnika addressed its challenges:

  • Combined the data from the website, CRM and call center in Google BigQuery;
  • Formed tables for analysis and set up the automatic update using Apps Script;
  • Created reports in Google Sheets and Data Studio.

​Here’s what Santehnika-Online achieved:

  • Divided ad campaigns by type and region to track their performance automatically and down to keywords;
  • Managed to analyze the performance of ad campaigns and keywords before actual sales, considering collateral characteristics like average session duration and churn rate;
  • Got to control the percentage of ads compared to free traffic sources. The company can now hold to the same cost on attracting new customers both, online and offline.

We’ll answer your questions on the topic at the webinar. You’ll also get the webinar replay, and a whole lot of useful materials right after the webinar.​

The webinar will be useful for

​Analysts, marketing experts, technical specialists, as well as anyone working with Google services and building reports.