2019 Comprehensive
Digital Market Analysis

Get unique research on this year’s digital marketing trends based on transactional data from thousands of real projects.

We analyzed data from more than 80,000 companies to create a white paper that shows you how the marketing mix of successful companies differs from that of other companies — and shows you what indicators you should consider.

With OWOX BI market research, you’ll get answers to these questions

  • What is distinctive about the marketing mix of sites that grow faster than their competitors?
  • What has changed in the marketing mix of the fastest-growing sites compared to last year?
  • How have the traffic share and the conversion rate of mobile traffic changed since 2018?
  • How have the traffic share and the conversion rate for new and returning visitors changed since 2018?
  • How do the traffic share and conversion rate vary across channels?

Then you can make data-driven decisions based on your answers to these questions

  • Did you grow faster or slower than the market in 2019?
  • What trends should you consider when planning your marketing budget for 2020?
  • What growth areas can you identify after considering market trends?

How about a quick
peek at the research?

Team behind the research

OWOX BI is a conversion benchmark expert and a comprehensive marketing analytics service that helps companies meet their marketing goals on time and grow 22% faster than the market average. CMOs use OWOX BI as a personal marketing analytics assistant for strategic decision-making; marketers use it to get precise estimates for advertising campaigns and find growth areas; and analysts use it to easily merge data from different sources while minimizing the time-to-value gap.