BI Program Guide

The goal of OWOX BI Program is to inspire the participants to develop
their expertise and build successful practices with OWOX BI solutions.

The program is intended for two types of partners

Consultancy Partner

Consultancy Partner implements OWOX BI solutions to solve its clients’ business challenges. Consultancy Partners include advertising agencies, online analytics consulting companies and other online professional services providers.

Why become a Consultancy Partner

  • to get a set of effective data analysis tools to solve your clients’ business tasks;
  • to deepen your e-commerce competence and practices;
  • to get partner rewards for the clients acquired independently.

Technology Partner

Technology Partner processes, complements and adds value to the data it provides its clients with OWOX BI tools. Technology Partners include data providers, companies that provide online services for online retailers, application developers and other IT-solution providers.

Why become a Technology Partner

  • to enrich your data with added value;
  • to enlarge your clients network with our help.