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BI Enterprise

With OWOX BI Enterprise, even the largest projects are provided with the advantageous pricing and get the dedicated support from our leading analysts. We provide advanced training and share our acknowledged expertise to help you solve your most complex challenges.

Along with the plan OWOX BI Enterprise you get


    Funnel Based Attribution

    Funnel Based Attribution determines the price of each user session based on the probability that the buyer will move onto the next step of the sales funnel and provides you with the full access to this data in Google BigQuery.

  • OWOX BI Streaming

    Google Analytics to Google BigQuery Data Streaming

    Collect unsampled Google Analytics data in Google BigQuery, in real-time, for all account types. Watch video

    OWOX BI Enterprise is the only plan that allows you to collect data on an individual domain and send the data to Google Analytics.

    Cost Data Import

    Automatically import cost data from Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing into Google Analytics and Google BigQuery. Watch video

    Using OWOX BI Enterprise you can import data for an unlimited number of advertising campaigns and access them, not only through Google Analytics, but through Google BigQuery as well.
  • OWOX BI BigQuery to Google Analytics

    Google BigQuery to Google Analytics

    Import pipeline automatically imports your query results from Google BigQuery into Google Analytics

  • Google Sheets BigQuery Reports Add-on

    Google Sheets BigQuery Reports Add-on

    Create reports and charts in Google Sheets based on Google BigQuery data. Share your reports with colleagues and use dynamic parameters to seamlessly adjust queries. Watch video

    Using OWOX BI Enterprise you can manage an unlimited number of queries
  • Google Sheets Data Upload Add-on

    Google Sheets Data Upload Add-on

    Upload any kind of data from Google Sheets into Google Analytics Data Import. There is no need to save CSV files or wait for GA to validate the data after it has been uploaded. Just a few clicks and the data is sent to Google Analytics.

  • Google Sheets Data Upload Add-on


    A dedicated professional analyst works with your project and you can always contact us via phone, email or online chat.

  • SLA


    Processing latency is not more than 12 hours for 99% of imports

  • Education


    In addition to the detailed knowledge base and recorded webinars, you can send us a request to receive online training and consulting on Google Analytics and Google Cloud Platform products. During the training, our specialists will answer all your questions and help you set up OWOX BI products. Analytics consulting will allow you to master and apply Google Analytics and Google Cloud Platform products in the most efficient way.