Meow, meow, Hunters!

Use the OWOX BI Data Upload Add-on to upload your cost data to Google Analytics correctly and without all the manual work.

It will verify your dataset and point out any issues so you can upload your data easier and safer than ever. No CSV digging required!

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Upload cost data in a few clicks

Safely verify your cost data and upload it to Google Analytics.

  • No more failed uploads

    Verify your data immediately and get correction hints.

  • Upload in just a few clicks

    Prepare your data and upload it from a single interface.

  • No CSV files needed

    Enjoy the advantages of working in the Google Cloud Platform.

Set up cost importing from an
advertising service in Google Analytics

Merge, report, and analyze with OWOX BI

BI Pipeline

Merge fragmented marketing data from different sources to create
a unified data set for analysis in Google BigQuery

BI Reports

Build reports that increase conversions and show weak points in the sales funnel

BI Insights

Use AI-generated insights to adjust your marketing strategies

Ask your questions in Smart Data

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