Import Costs to Google Analytics.
No scripts, no coding, no sheets

All you need to do to upload data to Google Analytics is to allow OWOX access. After that, we do all the hard work and you have your advertising data always up to date.

Make Google Analytics more powerful with cost, click, and impressions data from all your Ad Platforms

Automatically upload campaign performance data from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms to Google Analytics. Start a trial now!


Solution overview

With OWOX BI you can automatically enrich Google Analytics with your advertising cost, clicks and impressions.

Benefits of OWOX’s Google Analytics Data Upload

A successful digital marketing strategy always makes use of a combination of channels and platforms. With automated data import in Google Analytics, you can join data from several sources and finally get a complete overview of your performance.

Data from all your platforms

OWOX BI integrates with most popular marketing platforms. We can also create custom integrations if you're unable to find the platform you need out-of-the-box.

Get full control of your data

With OWOX you are in command. You can easily set your own metric and dimension rules, and choose what data goes to which Google Analytics property.

Data always up to date

OWOX BI will automatically update data in Google Analytics if it changes in the advertising service within 21 days.

Evaluate performance from multiple channels

Evaluate the probability of conversion, movement of new and returned users through your sales funnel, consider all touchpoints, and use the insights obtained to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

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Import Cost Data to Google Analytics

Automatically import cost data from Facebook, Bing, Criteo, Twitter and other AdAccount to Google Analytics.

Measure the ROI of all your advertising campaigns in one report.

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Number of cost data pipelines from  AdAccount


We don’t count your budget. With 1+ data sources, you only pay for the number of data pipelines

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2,000 companies rely on us All testimonials

  • OneClass

    Great Service!

    We needed a solution that allowed us to keep a copy of all the analytics hits we were tracking. OWOX helped us do exactly that. We are able to stream millions of hits into BigQuery for analysis.
  • Answear

    A leap forward to better analytics

    OWOX BI helped us take ANSWEAR’s analytics strategy up a level. ANSWEAR is a fast developing online retailer and it needs high-quality analysis. Other analytics tools we previously used had limitations we really didn’t want to deal with. It wasn’t possible to consolidate the enhanced user ... data in Google Analytics, or combine data from our email system with the on-site user behavior data. That’s why we went with OWOX BI to meet our needs. By collecting data in Google BigQuery, we’re able to build automated reports to analyze and improve our KPIs, as well as analyze data from across our website, apps, mailing system and other customer touchpoints.
  • Chantelle

    Great job, OWOX team!

    We’ve been working with OWOX on ROPO analysis for the past 6 months. By reconciling data from our CRM systems and behavioral online raw data into Google BigQuery, we were able to better understand our customers’ journeys. We can now manage our digital marketing investments by taking into account the offline sales and provide greater insights to our CEO. Great job, OWOX team!
  • Mindshare

    Trainings with OWOX

    We asked their help to get more information about Google Analytics and Tag Manager. They came over and gave a good 2 full days of training plus a little extra with analysis. They were really open and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend them for Google-products related trainings.
  • QVC

    Great Team

    We have worked with OWOX on the implementation of the Google Analytics and Big Query products. They have done an huge work and we are totally satisfied for the result, now we are able to have non-standard report in line with our business needs.
  • DHL Transportörerna Intresse AB

    Amazing product and team

    We are using OWOX BI BigQuery Report for Google Spreadsheet — and love it! It’s powerful as it give us Big Data in a easy manageable format. I can really recommend it, as well as OWOX’s interesting and genuin webinars.

What makes OWOX different?

Data Guarantee

Data from all of your marketing platforms at your fingertips.

No-code Business Logic

You don’t need to be a developer to get the most out of your data. OWOX also empowers the business user.

Anywhere You Want It

OWOX integrates with your existing tools, giving you the freedom to store and visualize your data wherever you want.

Unified Repository

Breaking silos by storing all of your data and business logic in one place.

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