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We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

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We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

Collect Raw Data from Yandex.Direct in Google BigQuery

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Get full advertising statistics for your Yandex.Direct campaigns automatically imported to Google BigQuery on a daily basis.


Yandex.Direct serves content and search-based ads to up to 90 million people in Russia and other countries, and allows you to monitor ad performance through dozens of different metrics.

With OWOX BI Pipeline, raw data from Yandex.Direct can be imported to Google BigQuery on a daily basis, enabling a deeper analysis of your ad performance and target audiences. Click here to see the full list of parameters you’ll get in Google BigQuery.

With OWOX BI Pipeline you can:

  • Create granular custom reports to analyze data across more than 60 parameters imported from Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery.
  • Bring data from different Yandex.Direct accounts
    Bring together the data from different Yandex.Direct accounts.
  • Combine Yandex.Direct data with data from other systems.
  • Optimize your bidding strategy for smart banner ads, by seeing what percentage of auctions you had the winning bid in, out of the total number of auctions that your smart banner ads participated in.

Simple Setup

Integrate Yandex.Direct and Google BigQuery through OWOX BI Pipeline. OWOX BI Pipeline will automatically transfer raw data from Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery, on a daily basis.
  • Sign in to OWOX BI

    Sign in to OWOX BI using your Google Account.

  • Select Yandex.Direct data source

    Select the Yandex.Direct data source and provide access to the Yandex account in which your advertising campaigns are running.

  • Select a dataset in Google Big Query

    Grant access to your Google Big Query account and select the project and dataset into which you want to import expenses.

  • Indicate the period for importing data and the VAT rate

    Indicate the date from which you want to upload cost data from the advertising service to Google Big Query as well as the VAT rate that should be deducted (if applicable).

Data Import
All the collected data will be stored and processed in the OWOX BI project in the Google Cloud Platform. OWOX BI guarantees that you’ll be the only person who can access and manage access to the data.
Legal API
The security of your data is ensured by using both the Facebook API and OAuth authentication.
Not Sell Advertising
We are not an advertising agency and we do not sell ads. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you get accurate, unbiased and relevant data for decision making.
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OWOX BI is a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner, trusted by thousands of clients worldwide.


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