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ML Funnel Based Attribution Model

The attribution model used in your project is at the heart of evaluating your advertising channels and managing the marketing budget. Therefore the quality and reliability of the attribution model have a direct effect on the implementation of the sales plan and overall business growth.

From Zero to Hero! An Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account

Websites come in many types, styles and budgets. Each website, be it a news site, an online store or a personal blog, has its own performance indicators. These may include the number of unique visitors, average order value, conversion rate etc. Web analytics systems are aimed to help track those indicators, analyze them and make decisions. In this article, we’ll take an indepth look on how to set up the most popular web analytics system: Google Analytics.

Google Data Studio Dashboard Template by OWOX BI

If you work with data, and want to find out how to get informative reports with all the information on your fingertips, here’s the solution.

Advantages and limitations of Google Analytics API

If you need to export data from Google Analytics, you can use one of the available APIs. To help you choose the most suitable option and save your time, we have collected information about all the benefits and limitations.

Custom domain for Google analytics data collection

This article describes solution to the problem of collecting Google Analytics data on the individual domain, for instance stat.yourdomain.com, instead of google-analytics.com

How JavaScript errors impact conversion rate

A significant portion of the client-side functionality of most websites is JavaScript based and it is really difficult to check for errors using each version of each major browser. If a report could show you that there was an increase in the number of JavaScript errors on a certain page type or from people using a certain browser version, would it help you fix them

How to import cost data into Google Analytics

All your revenue data is collected in the Google Analytics account. But, by default you can only analyze the Google-campaigns ROI, as the data for the other campaigns is missing in Google Analytics.

Impact of alternative offers on visitors’ choice

This article describes a way to increase the accuracy of the product category efficiency evaluation. It can be achieved through the sales distribution analysis by product category, in the context of a landing page.

Measure advertising campaigns from the first view to a purchase

Evaluation of advertising campaigns, taking into account the time during which the customer decides to make a purchase. This article describes the way to improve advertising campaigns estimation accuracy by analyzing time buyer spends from the first visit to a purchase.

Comparison of multi-channel attribution models

This article describes the causes of inaccurate assessment of advertising channels with popular attribution models in Google Analytics and formulates the principles of a more reliable algorithms. The material will be useful to analysts and marketers seeking to develop objective evaluation model of advertising channels.

Online Merchandising

It is a common fact that product blocks on the website increase the conversion rate and average order value. But products of what categories and in what blocks should be placed to maximize the effect? Where to place headphones or a hat to increase sales in the category?

Rozetka receives 23% ROI and 18% increase in direct marketing revenue

Rozetka, as a Ukrainian market leader in online retail, has a huge potential in repeated sales due to the size of its client database. But a high competition with other market participants forces to make decisions faster.

Should you advertise not-available products?

You probably already know that users do not always land on a webpage for a product that is in stock. But, do you know how many Google Adwords clicks you pay for that lead visitors to a product that is not available? And how much money gets wasted because of it?

When Google Analytics 360 is not enough

Google Analytics 360 is a great product and the acknowledged market leader in customer behaviour analysis. But it has non-obvious limitations that many ecommerce projects are facing after implementation when the usage plan and pay-off period have been made.

Who is in control of your data

This article describes data processing tasks in eCommerce projects and forms the criteria for quality assessment while working with the projects.

Why Do We Need Online Analytics?

We often hear that question. Even from those, who has already decided to implement the analytics. Primarily, we need the answer to determine for ourselves and the coworkers the main business purpose of analytics and the justified extend of resources invested in its development.