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  • Professionals of web analytics

    Pribylov Ivan,
    In partnership with OWOX we managed to roll-out new analytical tools for MediaMarkt website. The new metrics enabled us to deepen our expertise in consumer behavior while getting more information... Read more
  • Konstantin Pobedkin

    Professional team, excellent results

    Konstantin Pobedkin,
    Online Tours
    We hired OWOX team to create scalable analytic solution for our business on the base of GA. OWOX team developed customized system of metrics and helped in implementation process. I was much surprised after completion of the project when I... Read more
  • Oleg Dolzhanskiy

    Great partner for everything about GA

    Oleg Dolzhanskiy,
    Having worked with the OWOX team I feel comfortable saying that they are highly-qualified professionals. There are three main things to describe their work. Proactive. High-speed technical support. Ready to work on YOUR goals. Read more
  • Mikhail Slavinskiy

    Perfect job!

    Mikhail Slavinskiy,
    Professional team – professional work. OWOX helped us to migrate to Google Analytics Universal and integrate Google BiqQuery product. OWOX team accompanied all steps in real time side by side with IT developers. We had absolute certainty... Read more
  • Igor Andryushenko

    Professionals in their field!

    Igor Andryushenko,
    OWOX team took a deep dive into our business to develop the effective metrics system and implemention guide for Google Analytics. Besides technical recommendations for GA and GTM, OWOX helped us increase sales and ROI... Read more
  • Taras Gromnitskiy

    Professionals in web analytics

    Taras Gromnitskiy,
    We are working with OWOX during last 3 years. OWOX supports Google Analytics Premium for us. And we made several special analytic projects together. We appreciate OWOX for high professionalism and responsiveness... Read more
  • Konstantin Bayandin

    Professional and client oriented team!

    Konstantin Bayandin,
    We work with OWOX team on implementation of Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery. OWOX also helped us to implement a custom data-driven attribution of sales to sessions of users and real time... Read more
  • Nataliya Bondar

    Professional team, Thanks!

    Nataliya Bondar,
    We've been working with OWOX for more than a half year within the Google Analytics and Big Query products. I'd like to notice a high efficiency and professionalism of the team, and our personal assistant in particular. Apart the high... Read more
  • Larisa Tufanova

    Absolutely Unique Solution

    Larisa Tufanova,
    Thanks to OWOX, we were able to get a complete picture of our online advertising performance for the first time, including purchases made via phone, which make up about 30% of our sales. The... Read more
  • Alexander Lozitsky

    Awesome service, great results

    Alexander Lozitsky,
    Here is my personal recommendation: OWOX BI Streaming service helped us to combat sampling limit in GA through installing a small snippet of js-code. This way we were able to collect all... Read more
  • Dmitry Schegolyaev

    Good Work!

    Dmitry Schegolyaev,
    On behalf of netPrint team we would like to thank the experts from OWOX Company for high professionalism response and a deep dive into our business during the analytical metrics integration. We were able... Read more
  • Inna Yadrova

    Great partner!

    Inna Yadrova,
    Thanks to the OWOX team we were able to collect the data necessary for us to be analyzed and thus we really liked web analytics! We didn’t know how to begin to analyze our project, so OWOX helped us to cope with this task on the technical... Read more
  • Donatella Bochicchio

    Great Team

    Donatella Bochicchio,
    We have worked with OWOX on the implementation of the Google Analytics and Big Query products. They have done an huge work and we are totally satisfied for the result, now we are able to have... Read more
  • OWOX - are true professionals

    Gamazenkov Anton,
    We have implemented OWOX metrics system to our website and new possibilities and shortcomings came out. It will help us to increase the quality of the work and the profits of our site. Thanks... Read more
  • Vil Gabdullin

    Best team

    Vil Gabdullin,
    Thanks to OWOX company a comprehensive system of metrics based on Google Tag Manager + Google Analytics was prepared and implemented. All features of the free version of GA were used to the maximum.... Read more
  • Roman Osokin

    Best technology partner

    Roman Osokin,
    OWOX became one of the exceptions when we hired an agency instead of doing everything in-house. For us OWOX is not an agency, but a technology partner who took our analytics to a new level and showed how to solve business tasks that we... Read more
  • Ivan Marchenko

    Professional Team!

    Ivan Marchenko,
    We are grateful for the efficient cooperation with OWOX. Particularly I would like to acknowledge their active involvement during the implementation process and while configuring the analytics platform for our needs: setting up Google Tag... Read more
  • Buzivskiy Valeriy

    Professional team

    Buzivskiy Valeriy,
    Main goal was to build an analytical system which would be able to automate collection and calculation of key performance indicators. We achieved the following results: — automatic calculation of ROI for paid advertising campaigns on... Read more
  • Aleksandr Raikov

    Thanks OWOX for their work

    Aleksandr Raikov,
    OWOX is a great partner with very supportive team. They helped us implement clientID and userID tracking as well as integration between GA and CRM. Read more
  • Artem Korneev

    Great partner

    Artem Korneev,
    Mann, Ivanov & Ferber
    OWOX team developed Terms of Reference for the implementation Google Universal Analytics System Metrics via Google Tag Manager for The document describes many technical features of Google tools which greatly... Read more
  • Tawsif Hossain

    Great Service!

    Tawsif Hossain,
    We needed a solution that allowed us to keep a copy of all the analytics hits we were tracking. OWOX helped us do exactly that. We are able to stream millions of hits into... Read more
  • Alex Dodonov

    Be, be safe with your GA

    Alex Dodonov,
    In title of my testimonial I used "be safe..." And this is really it. OWOX team provides you with tremendous support concerning your Google Analytics and supportive products. Never have a single doubt if something will go wrong with your... Read more
  • Anton Rublevskiy

    OWOX team professionally and patiently cooperate

    Anton Rublevskiy,
    By implementation of wide range metrics with help of OWOX we saw our product bottlenecks and working on them. Through the cohort analysis by traffic source, we can clearly understand the impact... Read more
Nataliya Bondar

Professional team, Thanks!

Nataliya Bondar,
We've been working with OWOX for more than a half year within the Google Analytics and Big Query products. I'd like to notice a high efficiency and professionalism of the team, and our personal assistant in particular. Apart the high... Read more