Eliminate blind spots in your digital marketing

Discover the real marketing influence on conversions with cookieless tracking. Get a complete overview of your marketing performance, prove marketing value, align efforts to impact, and perform real data-driven marketing

Accurate acquisition campaign tracking

Handle direct/none in your reports

Increase accuracy in campaign evaluations by 70% and know the true source/medium/campaign that drives revenue.

OWOX BI server-side tracking monitors any user activity on your website, extends cookie lifespans, and is not affected by ad blockers, allowing you to see the whole path to conversion.

Adopt for a cookieless world

No guessing because of data gaps. If there is not enough data because of cookie restrictions, OWOX BI models missing data to show you the real picture of your marketing efficiency and predict your future conversions.

Finally, you will be able to prove the efficiency of upper and middle funnel channels.

Privacy centric approach

Gain complete control of consent and non-consent data. Collect and use personally identifiable information (PII) in line with the strictest privacy and security standards.

Choose your data residency (EU, US, or global), remove PII for non-consent users, and encrypt all user data with custom keys.

Prove marketing value

Close the loop between marketing and revenue

No more guessing, arguing without data, looking for KPI discrepancies, and switching between tools.

Get all user activity data aligned with campaign and CRM data to prove marketing value. Whatever data you need, you can see it on your dashboard immediately.

Analyze marketing from different angles

Know what drives conversions and make better decisions on budget allocation. Don’t limit yourself with basic reports and dashboards.

With OWOX BI, you will have a data model for your company that will empower you to choose any metrics you need on the fly. Use pass-through filters in reports and build cohort, LTV, and any other reports to analyze marketing efforts from different perspectives.

Use transparent attribution modelling

Play with attributions models to discover which channels bring you leads and which convert them into customers.

Crosscompare results and better understand campaigns efficiency. Calculation logic is clear and customizable, not a blackbox.

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OWOX BI advantages

Easy to use

Easy to use

Set up OWOX BI tracking in five minutes — not weeks — alongside your current Google Analytics configuration. No need for new markup and a team of developers.

All-in-one tool

With OWOX BI, your analytics solution is scalable and privacy-centric, with data collection, blending and transformation out of the box.

Easy to connect

Just a couple of clicks and you reports are visualized in Google Looker Studio, Google Sheets, or the BI tool of your choice and uncover insights.

Ready-to-use templates

Inspired by industry leaders’ experience analyzing data, the ready-made templates in the OWOX Dashboard Gallery are built to meet your needs. Just connect your data and enjoy exploring it.

Ready-to-use templates
GA4 migration without headaches

GA4 migration without headaches

OWOX BI provides backwards compatibility with Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 schemas. That means you can update your reports to the new data schema and save your historical data.

Extended cookie expiration time

OWOX BI server-side website tracking collects first-party data and merges it with marketing data in storage to improve acquisition campaign analysis.

No errors and misunderstandings

OWOX BI simplifies the whole data flow to eliminate human errors and differences in metrics calculations. All metrics have the same logic in every report and are updated automatically. You will immediately see any errors or delays in updating data.

Data quality guaranteed by SLA

OWOX guarantees in our service-level agreement (SLA) that at least 99% of data will be successfully collected and processed. Be confident in your data collection and reporting

Data quality guaranteed by SLA


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