Automate your digital marketing reporting

Meet an all-in-one data analytics and tracking solution designed to easily collect, prepare, and analyze marketing data with precision and complete control over performance

Save up to 50% of time
Get reports you trust
100% data ownership
No black boxes

Supercharge your marketing insights with OWOX BI

Supercharge your marketing insights with OWOX BI
Supercharge your marketing insights with OWOX BI

Reduce time spent on reporting
Spend more time reaching your monthly KPIs, instead of collecting the data or building reports

Make data-driven decisions
Merge advertising data, user behavior, and CRM in one report for a comprehensive overview of your performance

Control Cross-channel spend
Take full control of your marketing budget and make sure every dollar is spent wisely

Grow revenue
Evaluate user behavior and conversion data to discover and boost your most-performing marketing channels

Establish a single source of truth
Create a single source of truth between departments, ensuring everyone is on the same page

Your path to data-driven decision-making

Your path to data-driven decision-making

Get your entire marketing reporting system in under 30 minutes:

  1. Collect your advertising data with no effort
  2. Set up the most accurate user behavior tracking
  3. Automate your data preparation
  4. Use all-in-one dashboard templates for a quick start
  5. Add any customizations you need

OWOX BI enables teams to make business decisions with data-backed insights

Automate reporting

Your path to data-driven decision-making
Reduce (direct)/(none) in your reports by 30%

Reduce (direct)/(none) in your reports by 30%

Reduce (direct)/(none) in your reports by 30%

Improve campaign tracking accuracy using cookieless server-side tracking and discover the real conversion sources so you can scale truly profitable campaigns

  • Extended cookie lifespan
  • Minimized impact of adblockers
  • Fully privacy compliant

Get ahead of the competition with accurate answers to your marketing questions

Use the data your trust

No more black box solutions

No more black box solutions

OWOX BI gives marketing and data teams the freedom to manage their data.

  • Quality — We guarantee the quality and integrity of all the data collected.
  • Clarity — You’ll have full control over the data flow.
  • Transparency — Evaluate every click’s impact on revenue.
  • Cross-device — Track users across their devices in the world without cookies.
  • Data ownership — data is all yours. Always.

Acquire and retain full ownership over your digital marketing data and analytics

Gain data clarity

No more black box solutions
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Create a single source of truth

Gather and blend data from ad platforms, accurate website tracking, and CRM platforms in one place. Evaluate efforts, gain clarity, and get a holistic view of your marketing performance

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Youtube Analytics
LinkedIn Ads

What’s the value of analytics with OWOX BI?

Improve ROAS

Automated marketing reports allow you to make smart decisions about your campaign optimization faster

Save costs

The cost of OWOX BI is a fraction of the price you would pay for data engineers and developers

Reduce time by 70%

Focus on ROAS, and campaign optimization rather than data collection, writing SQL, and reporting

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Trusted by 2,000+ companies from around the globe

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What you’ll get with OWOX BI

All-in-one tool

All-in-one tool

OWOX BI is a scalable solution for all your data management needs, including data collection, blending, and preparation for reporting.

Quick & easy setup

Set up full-funnel marketing analytics with OWOX BI in under 30 minutes. There is no need for coding or a team of developers.

Analytics simplified

You don’t need to be a data expert. You don’t need to be a developer, either. Our software is designed for a seamless experience with an intuitive UI.

Ready-to-use templates

Comprehensive performance dashboards to monitor all your digital KPIs. Just connect your data and make decisions that drive growth.

Ready-to-use templates
Compliance with privacy regulations

Compliance with privacy regulations

Privacy is at the forefront. We respect your users’ privacy and ensure GDPR compliance.

Extended cookie expiration time

OWOX BI’s cookieless streaming collects first-party data to improve acquisition campaign tracking & analysis.

100% Data Ownership

Never worry about your data ending up in the wrong hands again. Unlike GA, OWOX BI guarantees full data ownership for every client.

Data quality is guaranteed by SLA

OWOX guarantees that 99% of data will be successfully collected, so you are confident in the quality of reporting.

Data quality is guaranteed by SLA


where our users work


who trust us


of data processed
every month

Overwhelmed with your data?

Overwhelmed with your data?

Overwhelmed with your data?

Let our data experts set everything up for you!

From building custom dashboards to setting up full-funnel data analytics from scratch... we’ve got you covered.

Contact us to discuss your case, and we’ll help you hit your revenue goal faster

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