Data democratization platform

OWOX BI is the only data enablement solution designed for collaboration between data teams and business users giving the right tools for both to empower everyone to explore corporate data and act upon it

Save up to 90% of time
Get reports you trust
100% data ownership

Data democratization platform

Trusted by the best data teams on the planet

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Get trusted reports with your context in 1 minute

Access fresh & reliable data forever

  1. Plug-in

    Easily integrate BigQuery, ad platforms, or additional spreadsheets, setting the stage for data blending.

  2. Build

    Use our templates, craft SQL queries yourself, or hire our AI Copilot, to create actionable and trusted data marts.

  3. Share

    Share access to queries with spreadsheet users, enabling them to retrieve the data they need without coding.

  4. Automate

    Business users can run reports, apply dynamic filters, and set up flexible schedules to receive fresh data as often as needed.


Bring data where humans work — into spreadsheets

Simplify your data stack

Simplify your data stack

Build a unified source of truth for modern teams.

  • Data Teams: Plug your data into a single platform for context management, reporting, and collaboration, ensuring consistency and reliability across all reports and departments.
  • Spreadsheet Users: Access trusted and timely reports, to monitor KPIs, keep control and prove your value right in Spreadsheets.

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Simplify your data stack
Empower self-service corporate data utilization

Empower self-service corporate data utilization

Empower self-service corporate data utilization

Ensure smooth data hand-offs from data teams to business users with tailored access:

  • Data Teams: Build queries (with or without AI) in friendly data-UI and share the results of your work with business users.
  • Spreadsheet Users: Use simple UI for non-technical users to filter complex queries before you run reports, and explore data yourself.

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Automate data workflows

Automate data workflows

Simplify routine tasks and keep data fresh as morning coffee:

  • Data Teams: Plug in your data once and get rid of the annoying repeated routine tasks. Reports are then updated automatically, keeping all data up-to-date without manual checks.
  • Spreadsheet Users: Access fresh data directly in your spreadsheets. Get up-to-date insights whenever you need: weekly, daily, hourly, or twice a day. Your schedule — your rules.

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Automate data workflows
Foster collaboration

Foster collaboration

Foster collaboration

Bridge the gap between data teams and business users with shared data marts and access control:

  • Data Teams: Provide controlled access to your queries, enabling secure collaboration across different teams and departments.
  • Spreadsheet Users: Let a data professional build the query for you, run it yourself, filter data without SQL and schedule at your pace.

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Create a single source of truth

Work with blended data. Utilize corporate, finance, product, marketing & sales, and IT, whether they are in databases, spreadsheets, or other tools to build reports relevant to business needs.

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What’s the value of analytics with OWOX BI?

Save 90% of time

Reduce reporting time by over 90%, generate queries faster, and deliver insights to business users in minutes

Cut costs by 60%

Save up to 60% on data processing with smart automated scheduling that you don’t need to run every hour

Boost data usage

Enable business users to access and interact with corporate data and boost data utilization by 70%

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What you’ll get with OWOX BI

All-in-one tool

All-in-one tool

OWOX BI is a scalable data democratization platform for both data and business teams within your organization.

Quick & easy setup

Plug in your data once and enjoy forever. Get the reports you need faster (with or without coding).

Enhanced accessibility

With friendly UI and dynamic filters, we bring corporate data closer to business users, fostering a culture of informed decision-making.

Analytics democratized

You don’t need to be a data engineer or developer to enable corporate data. Our software is designed for every spreadsheet user.

Analytics democratized
Compliance with privacy regulations

100% Data ownership

Never worry about your data ending up in the wrong hands again. Unlike other tools, OWOX BI guarantees full data ownership for every client.

Single source of truth

With you as a data analyst and our platform, you can be sure that business users get the most accurate and reliable up-to-date reports.

No routine tasks

Eliminate repetitive manual tasks and focus on strategic analysis. OWOX BI automates everything: from SQL generation to report updates so you don’t have to.

Easy hand-offs

Transform the way you deliver reports. OWOX BI is the only tool that simplifies reporting hand-offs between data teams and end users.

Easy hand-offs