Webinar 23 February 2017

Webinar by Competera & OWOX BI: Price Intelligence and Web Analytics for Better Conversion Rates

  • Andrej Sukhovoj

    Andrej Sukhovoj

    Head of Analytics, OWOX BI

  • Nick Tikhomirov

    Nick Tikhomirov

    Business Development Manager, Competera

To develop an effective pricing strategy, you need to consider a whole lot of factors, both internal and external. The prices of your competitors are no less important for customer behavior and conversion rates than energetic promotional campaigns or catchy web design. Here’s a real conundrum: How can you measure the impact of competitors’ prices and use this knowledge to increase revenue?​

On February, 23rd at 10 AM CST, Nick Tikhomirov, Business Development Manager at Competera, and Andrey Sukhovoy, Head of the Analytics Department at OWOX, will show you just how you can measure and analyze the impact of your competitors’ prices on sales and conversions.​

Join us and find out:

  • What are the main pricing challenges and constraints for e-tailers;
  • How to collect and combine data about user behavior and competitors’ prices;
  • How to measure the value of a brand — the revenue from selling at a price set higher than the current market price;
  • How to measure the effect competition has on demand;
  • How to calculate the demand elasticity, taking account of the product category, brand, and customer acquisition channels;
  • How to find the optimal price of the product considering prices of your competitors;
  • Useful reports and charts based on the complete data from multiple sources.

The webinar will be useful for:

Online retailers, pricing managers, category managers, analysts, marketing specialists, and for anyone looking for useful tools to optimize their pricing strategies.​