Marketing dashboard. Landing page effectiveness report

Find out which items and categories are more profitable to promote and which landing pages best convert visitors to buyers.

Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels for various categories and landing pages to efficiently plan your budget and increase sales.

Allocate your time effectively

Find the most profitable items to promote

Find the most profitable items to promote

Find the most profitable items to promote

Some products attract users; others sell well. But these are not always the same products. This dashboard from OWOX BI will show you how user behavior differs depending on the category of goods to which users are directed by various traffic sources. Understand which product groups are more profitable to promote in order to boost sales.

Find out which pages are best for attracting users

Find out which pages are best for attracting users

On this dashboard, you can see how conversions are distributed depending on the type of page users arrive at from various sources. This information will help you assess the profitability of content marketing and select the most profitable landing pages to promote.

Find out which pages are best for attracting users
Save time and get quality data

Save time and get quality data

Save time and get quality data

To compare the effectiveness of advertising channels, marketers have to switch between reports or manually summarize data in Excel and Google Sheets. This takes a long time and negatively affects the quality of data, and therefore decisions made.

With OWOX BI, you don’t need to prepare data. You get a ready-to-update dashboard for all traffic sources.

Unique advantages of OWOX BI

Unique advantages of OWOX BI

Get complete data in the right structure

Benefit from a dashboard built on complete data collected into Google BigQuery. OWOX BI merges your marketing data with your business data and avoids sampling and other Google Analytics limitations.

Ensure data quality

OWOX BI contractually guarantees not only data collection but data processing. It also automatically monitors data at each level of collection so you can confidently make data-driven decisions.

Don’t limit yourself to templates

Work with data in OWOX BI is based on your business model, not a set of tables you have to merge each time using SQL. You can create reports from understandable parameters and metrics in the OWOX BI interface as well as in Data Studio, Power BI, and Google Sheets.

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