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Where data makes sense

One tool to collect, normalize, prepare, orchestrate
and analyze your digital marketing data with ease

Data Extraction & Loading

Try the best marketing ETL tool. OWOX BI extracts, processes, and loads marketing data from 150+ data sources without coding.

Real-time Streaming

Automatically collect and analyze cookieless real-time user behavior data streaming with OWOX BI.

Data Transformation

Make you raw marketing data business-ready. Orchestrate your data with easy-to-use transformation templates. 

BigQuery Reports Extension

Simplify getting reports in Google Sheets without manual data blending and relying on digital analyst resources availability.

Professional services

Solve individual problems for your business on a regular or ad hoc basis.
Learn how to implement analytics, collect and process data, and apply the results

Google Analytics 4 implementation

Make the move to Google Analytics 4 now to collect historical data for future analysis of customer behavior

Google Analytics Alternative

Transferring to and storing data in the EU location

Attribution modeling

Optimize your marketing budget based on the objective sales contribution of each advertising campaign

Google Analytics Setup & Audit

Obtain an individual measurement plan for your business. We will study your business goals, draw up a list of dimensions and metrics to measure your success, and set technical guidelines for their implementation


Get help in addressing the specific challenges of your business on a permanent or ad-hoc basis. Learn how to implement analytics, collect and process data, and apply the results.

Analytics Consulting
Technical Consulting
Business Consulting


Enhance your skills in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, Google Analytics APIs, and other tools. We will show you how to integrate the services, collect and analyze data, and then use the data to make informed decisions.

For Business
For IT-specialists
GA 360 Training


Our specialists offer individual consultations to help you maximize the benefits from OWOX BI products in the shortest period of time

Popular integrations

OWOX BI collects and processes all the data you need for building reports and getting insights fast

Get Automated Google Analytics 4 Cost Data Import

Automatically merge your advertising cost data from different platforms and upload to GA4, so you can analyze your return on ad spend (ROAS) and acquisition cost to make fully-informed marketing decisions.

Import data from Google Sheets to Google BigQuery

Upload any data from Google Sheets to BigQuery cloud storage and use it in your reports with the free OWOX BI BigQuery Reports add-on

Move your marketing data into BigQuery automatically without SQL and developers

OWOX BI is the easiest way to collect and blend all marketing data in a single storage. No experience in coding needed

Import Data from Facebook to Google BigQuery

Collect complete statistics on your Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network ads in Google BigQuery

Import Data from Google Ads to Google BigQuery

We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

Import data from LinkedIn Ads to Google BigQuery

Collect complete statistics on your LinkedIn Ads in Google BigQuery

Unique advantages of OWOX BI

Work with complete unsampled data

Get all the data you need for your marketing analysis. We combine information from your website, Google Analytics, advertising services, and CRM systems. We’ll even set up custom integrations if necessary.

Ensure data quality and security

All data is collected, stored, and processed in your Google BigQuery and Google Analytics projects. You have complete control over all your stored data and can decide who to share it with. At any time, you can get a visual report on the relevance of data from advertising services uploaded to Google Analytics.

Get quick reports without technical training

With OWOX BI, you don’t need to wait for a response from your analysts, study SQL, or understand how your data is structured. Just select the metrics you want to see in your Smart Data report. Smart Data will instantly visualize your data in a way you can understand.

Trust your tasks to experts

For 20 years, we’ve been developing expertise in analytics to find growth zones for our customers. Today, we have the largest number of success stories using Google Cloud and Google Analytics among all Google partners globally.


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