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How do you build reports and charts that are based on Google BigQuery data?

Google BigQuery processes vast amounts of data in seconds. But you need export data into CSV files and use third-party paid services in order to build reports and charts.

Build reports in Google Sheets without any limitations

All data is processed in Google BigQuery, and results are automatically imported into Google Sheets.

Now you can:

  • Build reports and graphs based on any amounts of data quick and safe

  • Use ready-made queries and dynamic parameters

  • Share useful reports with colleagues

  • Monitor revision history

  • User-friendly query editor together with dynamic parameters will save your time

  • You can share valuable and relevant data with your colleagues, using standard Google sharing settings

  • The add-on is completely free, you pay only for data that was processed in Google BigQuery

  • You can even send data in Google BigQuery directly from Google Sheets!


It is quick and safe

Data Import
All data is processed in Google Cloud Platform
Legal API
We use only Google official API
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OWOX is the official Google Cloud Platform technology partner
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The add-on is already trusted by thousands of projects from all over the world

BigQuery Reports Add-on is totally free

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