We specialize in implementing Google Analytics 360 for e-commerce businesses and developing unique online services based on Google BigQuery.

More than

1 million

transactions generated weekly

in our clients' projects


Google Cloud

1 000 +


in 50 countries

rely on our solutions

Acknowledged expertise

Our expertise in Google Cloud Platform, Google Analytics 360 and Google Tag Manager is recognized by Google.

Professional support

​The documentation that is available to authorized partners and support from Google technical specialists allows us to provide customers with the highest level of support and consulting


We are an authorized Google Cloud Platform Partners and our customers are assured of the same high standards that Google provides.

The inside edge

As a partner, we get access to new Google services and features in advance and can offer these to our customers ahead of the competition

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Awesome service, great results

Here is my personal recommendation: OWOX BI Streaming service helped us to combat sampling limit in GA through installing a small snippet of js-code. This way we were able to collect all the data in BigQuery in real-time. Gathered information allowed us to solve most of the marketing challenges we had. That is a kind of service that takes your business to the next level.