Webinar 4 October 2022

How conversion modeling helps to measure marketing efficiency in a post-cookie world

  • Ilya Chukhlyaev

    Ilya Chukhlyaev

    Managing Partner, OWOX

Nowadays, privacy regulations, restrictions on cookie use, and cross-browser customer journeys prevent us from observing the customer path between advertising interactions and conversions. Up to 50% of conversions have the wrong traffic source. And because of consent mode and the demise of third-party cookies, you lose even more data. As a result, marketers make decisions based on incorrect data, allocate the budget inefficiently, and struggle to prove and measure marketing ROI.

In this webinar, we will cover the basic questions to get started with conversion modeling: 

  • What is the purpose of conversion modeling and when do businesses need it?

  • What tools can be used to understand the full impact of traffic sources?

  • Are there any alternatives to build conversion models if you don’t trust Google Analytics algorithms? 

  • What should the data flow look like if you want to build conversion models on your end?

  • How can you change the game and do better digital marketing with conversion models?

    Who this webinar is for:

    • Heads of digital marketing, eCommerce directors, CMOs, and all marketers who expect marketing and sales results to depend on their performance, not incomplete data 

    • Digital and data analysts who are tired of regular requests to double-check conversion data in reports due to mistrust