Webinar 23 March 2017

Webinar by DataVirtuality and OWOX BI: How to combine data from your website, CRM, ERP and other systems

  • Nick Golovin

    Nick Golovin

    СЕО DataVirtuality

  • Maksim Ostapenko

    Maksim Ostapenko

    Project manager OWOX

When you have your data collected in a number of systems — ERP, CRM, advertising services, price intelligence services, etc. — piecing it together manually is often a tedious and error-prone task.​

​Join us for the webinar held by DataVirtuality & OWOX BI as we speak about how you can automate the process of combining data from a variety of data sources. We will look at specific examples of system integrations, and give you examples of reports and charts which you can create by combining data.

Join the webinar and find out:

  • What are the difficulties in combining data from multiple services;​
  • How to combine data into a single system using DataVirtuality and OWOX BI;
  • Examples of imports and exports to and from Google BigQuery;
  • Examples of informative reports and charts based on complete data from multiple sources.

The webinar will be useful to:

Data analysts and technical experts who are looking to save time by automating manual processes.​