Webinar 19 May 2022

Why Marketers Can’t Ignore Data Quality to Maximize ROI?

  • Ilya Chu

    Ilya Chu

    Managing Partner, OWOX

According to Forrester research one of the key reasons that directly affects marketing growth is the poor data quality. 21% of the media budget in the last year was wasted due to incomplete and inaccurate data in ROI reports. Proving marketing ROI often goes hand-in-hand with making an argument to increase budget: No ROI tracking, no demonstrable ROI. No ROI, no budget.

At the webinar, you’ll learn how to get high-quality data to increase ROI of your marketing performance: 

  • Why ignoring modern tracking issues can lead to a loss of 60% of actionable marketing data and accordingly to a CPC increase;

  • How to make your team stop doubting the data and start drawing insights instead;

  • How to restore confidence in attribution and start optimizing ads 43% more efficiently;

  • How to slash the time you spend on conducting data-informed marketing experiments 2X;

  • The impact of GDPR, Consent Mode, First-Party Data Layer, Modeled Conversions issues restrictions on ROI, and how to withstand it.

Who’s the webinar for:

  • Head of Digital Marketing, eCommerce Directors, CMOs, who expect marketing and sales results to depend on their performance, not faulty data. 

  • Digital marketers, Marketing analysts, who are tired of regular requests to double-check the data in the reports due to mistrust.

After the webinar, you will be able to solve all the challenges mentioned above, get high-quality data and focus on enhancing marketing ROI.