Webinar 21 July 2022

From Data to Insights: How to create meaningful marketing dashboards

  • Ilya Chukhlyaev

    Ilya Chukhlyaev

    Managing Partner, OWOX

According to Forbes Insights/Treasure Data Survey 87% of executives are not highly confident they are leveraging all available customer data and struggle to analyze marketing performance data from multiple channels and campaigns.

Data silos, Google Analytics 4 and new data schema, poor understanding of what kind of report is needed, how long it takes to build it and how to analyze it, does not allow companies to significantly increase ROI due to all the collected data.

At the webinar we will go through different digital marketing dashboards, describe how to read and interpret their metrics and explain how to find actionable insights. Here are some examples of dashboards: 

  • Digital funnel dashboards and how increase conversion rates on each funnel's step

  • Cross-channel dashboards with attribution and how to choose the best campaigns to allocate your budget

  • Cohort dashboards and how to define user segments that benefit your business  

Who’s the webinar for:

  • Head of Digital Marketing, eCommerce Directors, CMOs who are searching for ideas how to increase ROI and achieve their goals

  • Digital marketers, Marketing analysts  who are not afraid of advanced analytics approaches.