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Beef Up Your Analytics with OWOX BI: a Special Guide for Sumo-lings

We’re happy to have Sumo-lings with us! That’s why we’re giving a detailed explanation on how to make the most of your analytics with OWOX BI. You’ll find out how to compare the ROAS across all your marketing efforts. Moreover, you’ll get to automate your import of cost, click, and impression data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other ad services to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery. No worries, we’ll spell out how to set everything up and start using OWOX BI for your business.

What else is on the program

  • What features are available to Sumo-lings

  • What business objectives you can solve with OWOX BI

  • What precious insights you get with reports and dashboards in Google Analytics and BigQuery

There will also be a Q&A session to help you better understand how to use OWOX BI. So feel free to ask your questions during the webinar or send them to

Who’s the webinar for

Digital marketing experts, analysts, CMOs, CEOs, and everyone willing to boost the advertising performance.