Webinar 27 April 2023

How to Automatically Import Non-Google Advertising Cost Data to Google Analytics 4 for FREE

  • Ruslan Obolonsky

    Ruslan Obolonsky

    Senior Product Manager

Do you feel the lack of clarity on true ROAS and CAC? Are you tired of using spreadsheets to get the advertising data from multiple platforms? Or are you manually loading advertising cost data from Facebook, Bing or Twitter Ads into Google Analytics 4?

Join our free training to learn how you can automate this process and save valuable time so you can focus on data analysis instead of data preparation.

On this training, we’ll cover:

  • Why do you really need to import non-google advertising cost data into GA4; 

  • A little trick to UTM parameters you’ll truly want to implement TODAY; 

  • An easy-to-implement hack to achieve a 100% Match Rate for purchase events; 

  • What are the 3 ways to actually import non-google Advertising Cost Data to GA4 for FREE

Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline your marketing data and make fully-informed marketing decisions.

Who is this training for?

  • Digital marketers, who manage advertising campaigns across multiple platforms;

  • Data analysts, who are responsible for preparing and analyzing advertising data for better decision-making;

  • Marketing leaders, who are responsible for optimizing marketing budget and evaluating campaign performance;

  • Advertising professionals, who need accurate data on acquisition costs and the incremental value of each paid click.