Webinar 23 November 2016

Google Optimize for testing and personalization

  • Pavel Loba

    Pavel Loba

    Tech Lead
    at OWOX BI

  • Mariia Bocheva

    Mariia Bocheva

    Business Development Executive in OWOX BI

Understanding your customers is not a straightforward task. It may require a great deal of time and resources to discover which website experience drives better engagement and better conversion rate. Not all changes lead to better results, and you might have to ask developers to implement the hypotheses on your website. Google Optimize is a new testing and personalization solution designed by Google to help you build optimal website experiences considering your specific audiences. It’s integrated with Google Analytics and other Google products, so you can test your hypotheses using the existing data and the familiar metrics. And you won’t have to involve developers.​

Join us for a free webinar and learn:

  • Why, and how to personalize websites;
  • How to start using Google Optimize;
  • How to set up an experiment in Google Optimize;
  • What types of experiments are available in Google Optimize;
  • How to create test variants using the visual editor, without developers;
  • How to manage experiments and determine the winning options;
  • What’s the difference between Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360.

The webinar will be useful to:

Analysts, marketing specialists, project managers, and to anyone looking for a helpful tool to test ideas for improving the websites.​