Google Analytics Alternative

Transferring to and storing data in the EU location

Google Analytics has been banned in the EU for violating the GDPR

European companies now have to remove Google Analytics from their websites or risk a penalty for violating the GDPR. GA users should take immediate action to remove any chances of personal data being transferred to the US or find an alternative that is GDPR compliant.

All data in BigQuery with full GDPR compliance


As Google Analytics, one of the most commonly used tools for data analysts and marketers, is illegal in many EU countries, GA users should transfer and store sensitive personal data outside of US services.

GA users can be confident that OWOX BI is at the forefront of these changes. OWOX BI’s server-side tracking provides secure first-party data collection on your personal domain and sends all your data directly to a location of your choice in the EU

The tracking process is compliant with Schrems II and the GDPR.


Common Google Analytics data schema

In general, analysts used to work with the common Google Analytics data schema. Now that GA is banned in the EU, GA users have to find an alternative that is GDPR compliant and accordingly study an unfamiliar data schema.

With OWOX BI, you don’t have to learn a new analytics tool and its outcomes. OWOX BI server-side tracking provides you with a well-known Google Analytics Universal data schema for hits and session transformation. It takes just a few minutes to make an easy tracking setup over your current Google Analytics settings.

High-quality data collection

Ad blockers, tracking prevention, and the ban on Google Analytics affect your data quality. It’s difficult to provide high-quality data to an end user; however, data errors can be actively fought and proactively found.

OWOX BI Server-side collects each hit you used to send to Google Analytics in your Google BigQuery EU storage in near real time and without sampling.

Stay unaffected by ad blockers and get complete raw data with explainable quality.

Effective marketing and data analysis

In 2023, a significant portion of information about the effectiveness of advertising channels will be unavailable due to the demise of third-party cookies and reduced cookie lifetimes.

Minimize losses with OWOX BI server-side tracking, collect first-party data, and merge it with marketing data in your storage. OWOX BI extends the cookie expiration time to two years and reduces the direct/none traffic percentage.

This way, you can still use cookies for more effective marketing for up to two years.

Single cross-device user profile

All data about user behavior from your site as well as various devices and applications will be merged into a single profile.

Trust your data to experts

With OWOX, you’ll receive the best analytics expertise and benefit from the experience of market leaders.

Data quality guarantee

We contractually guarantee data collection and provide automatic data quality monitoring.

Ensure data security

All data is collected, stored, and processed in your Google BigQuery project in an EU location. You have complete control over all your stored data and can decide who to share it with.