Marketing dashboard templates

Focus on your business and let OWOX BI collect data and prepare reports.
Just select a template and attach your data to it. You can spend all the rest of your time
on analysis and conclusions.

Performance report

All important business marketing metrics in one dashboard. Find out how much revenue each channel generates, how you fulfill the marketing sales plan and how to allocate your budget to reach your goals.

E-commerce marketing performance report

Find out how users from various traffic sources behave, how much it costs to attract them, and what profit they bring in.

ROPO report

Learn how your online marketing affects sales in physical stores. See which campaigns and categories of goods bring more purchases offline and which work better online.

Effectiveness of product lists report

Learn how to properly position items on the website to increase conversions and the average check size.

Analysis of advertising campaigns based on item availability report

Find out how much profit you lose by attracting users to pages of items that aren’t available. Discover why this is happening and how to fix it.

Performance of traffic from paid channels report

Analyze statistics from Google Ads, Facebook, and other advertising sources on one dashboard.

Effectiveness of paid Facebook ads report

Analyze the core KPIs of your Facebook campaigns on one dashboard. Find the most effective campaigns and competently allocate your budget.

Microconversion report

The OWOX BI dashboard will be useful for both marketers and the development team. It allows you to quickly detect conversion problems on the website and fix them.

Effectiveness of advertising campaigns report

Analyze campaigns from Google Ads, Facebook, and other advertising services on one dashboard. Compare campaign performance and optimize your marketing budget.

Product category and landing page effectiveness report

Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels for various categories and landing pages in order to plan your budget and increase sales.