ROPO dashboard

ROPO report

Learn how your online marketing affects sales in physical stores. Find out which campaigns and categories of goods bring more purchases offline and which bring more online. This information will help you manage your marketing and budget more effectively, increasing your overall sales and profit.

ROPO report

Allocate your time effectively

Allocate your time effectively

Discover the real value of online advertising

Many people look for goods on the internet and buy them in a physical store. Because of this, online advertising is often underestimated.

This dashboard will show how your users, transactions, and revenue is distributed into online, offline, and ROPO categories. Knowing the share of ROPO sales, you can calculate the ROAS of advertising channels considering offline purchases and see their real effectiveness.

Analyze campaign effectiveness considering offline sales

On this dashboard, you will see which sources, channels, and campaigns motivate users to make offline purchases and which motivate them to order on the site. Knowing this, you can manage campaigns based on your goals. For example, you can increase total sales and profits on the website.

Find items and categories that sell well offline

Find items and categories that sell well offline

Find items and categories that sell well offline

If an item isn’t selling well online, don’t rush to remove it from the website or turn off your advertising campaign. It may turn out that its offline sales are much higher. By identifying which items on your website sell well based on the ROPO principle, you can focus your efforts on their promotion and thereby increase your profits.

Unique advantages of OWOX BI

Get complete data in the right structure

Benefit from a dashboard built on complete data collected into Google BigQuery. OWOX BI merges your marketing data with your business data and avoids sampling and other Google Analytics limitations.

Ensure data quality

OWOX BI contractually guarantees not only data collection but data processing. It also automatically monitors data at each level of collection so you can confidently make data-driven decisions.

Don’t limit yourself to templates

Work with data in OWOX BI is based on your business model, not a set of tables you have to merge each time using SQL. You can create reports from understandable parameters and metrics in the OWOX BI interface as well as in Data Studio, Power BI, and Google Sheets.

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