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Get reports on the mutual influence of advertising campaigns and the effectiveness of advertising


Grow faster by managing your marketing budget based on market forecasts and trends
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Marketing Data
Reports & Attribution

1. Collect data in Google BigQuery and Google Analytics

Google Analytics → Google BigQuery  

RAW real-time data

Ad services  

Facebook, Yandex, Criteo and others

CRM systems beta  


Custom Integrations
Mobile Apps and Call-tracking  

AppsFlyer, Ringostat, Calltouch

Email services  

SparkPost, Mandrill

2. Evaluate Ad Campaigns and Reporting (Business Intelligence)

Attribution of expenses on session level and client cohorts  
Funnel-based campaign attribution  
Ready-made data stratum in Smart Data  
Report preparation by OWOX specialists  
OWOX BI Smart Data,
Google Sheets,
Google Data Studio
OWOX BI Smart Data,
Google Sheets,
Google Data Studio, Tableau,
MS Power BI

3. Predict the best advertising budget distribution

Forecast plan implementation beta  
Insights based on market trends beta  
Model the best marketing mix beta  

4. Service and support

Product setup and training
from $1,500

(by request)

from $3,000


from $7,500


Priority support

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You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

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  • What pipelines fall under the new limits?

    Only cost data pipelines from ad platforms to Google Analytics will be billed.

    Bing to Google Analytics, Criteo to Google Analytics, and Facebook to Google Analytics are examples of billed pipelines.

  • How can I connect extra pipelines?

    There are two options:

    • Upgrade to a plan with a higher limit.
    • Purchase extra pipelines in accordance with this pricing chart.
  • I set up a pipeline in the middle of the month. How will it affect the cost?

    A pipeline is considered active — and thus billable — if at least 1 KB of data is transmitted through it during the reporting period. So the pipeline will be considered active and billable.
  • I have several inactive pipelines. Will I be billed for them as well?

    No. If data is not being sent via a pipeline or the pipeline is Suspended / Blocked, it will not be taken into account.
  • How can I track the number of pipelines within my limit?

    On the Project Settings — Usage page you can find current usage statistics and see all applicable limits.
  • How do you count unique visitors for billing purposes?

    A unique user is a website visitor who’s associated with a unique identifier and whose BigQuery data has been processed in OWOX BI within one month.

    We check the number of unique visitors in BI Pipeline, considering the following pipelines:

    • Google Analytics → Google BigQuery
    • AppsFlyer → Google BigQuery
    • SendGrid → Google BigQuery
    • SparkPost → Google BigQuery
    • Mandrill → Google BigQuery
    • UniOne → Google BigQuery

    We also consider the number of unique users in Google BigQuery Export for Google Analytics 360, if the exported data is used in BI Attribution and BI Smart Data.

    For each reporting period, the number of unique visitors is counted in each of the abovementioned pipelines. The billing is based on the pipeline with the biggest number of unique users.

    We associate sessions with users in the following ways:

    • by having the unique identifier for the browser-device pair (Client ID), and the unique user identifier in ERP or CRM systems (User ID) combined in OWOX BI Pipeline: Google Analytics to Google BigQuery;
    • by the unique email address in pipelines from SendGrid, SparkPost, Mandrill and in UniOne to Google BigQuery;
    • by the unique Device ID in OWOX BI Pipeline: AppsFlyer to BigQuery;
    • by the unique User ID, Client ID and CD User ID, a unique user identifier in the Google BigQuery Export for Analytics 360.

    For example, if multiple users logged in under the same User ID within the same reporting period, this data will be processed as a single user. The exception is when more than 100 Client IDs are associated with a single User ID. In such cases, unique users are identified only by unique Client IDs.

  • How do I pay for Google BigQuery?

    You pay for using Google BigQuery separately from OWOX BI. Payments are made directly to Google with no commission or restrictions.

  • If we store CRM data in Google BigQuery and use SQL-queries to this data, do I need to pay for this?

    No. You only need to pay for the number of unique users whose data was sent to Google BigQuery via OWOX BI Pipeline, or is used in OWOX BI Attribution and OWOX BI Smart Data.

  • What if I want to cancel my service?

    No problem, we can cancel it at any time.

    If you have a monthly subscription, payment for the next month will not be applied.

    If you have an annual subscription, you will be charged a penalty equal to the monthly fee tripled.

  • What is the difference in payment methods for the new plans?

    We charge for the new plans only on a monthly basis. Marketing Data plans are only paid by card. Reports & Attribution and Enterprise plans are paid by invoice, with a contract for at least 1 year.
  • What happens if a project exceeds the limit for the number of unique users in the chosen plan?

    Extra payment will be for the following:

    • $3 for each 1,000 users over the limit in the Marketing Data plan;
    • $4,5 for each 1,000 users over the limit in the Reports & Attribution plan.

    For example, you had 1,302,000 unique users within the reporting month, and you used the Marketing Data plan with a limit of 1,300,000 unique users. In this case you will have to pay the standard price of $880 and extra $6 for exceeding the limit at the end of the month.

    You can track the current number of unique users in the «Data used» section in your account to track the current number of the unique users.