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Perfect start for traffic managers and data analysts who require a unified AdSpend report for measuring cross-platform CPL, CPA and ROAS on a daily basis, with no-code data collection in GA4

Starting at


per month when billed annually

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7-day free trial. No credit card required.

  • Get data from popular ad platforms  
  • Basic support

+ Essential ETL tools:

  • Merge ad cost data from different platforms with no-code transformation templates  
  • 7-day data actualization
  • Automated daily data refreshes
  • Data Monitoring  
  • Visualize data in Google Analytics 4  
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Ideal for digital marketers and data analysts seeking enhanced reporting to stay on top of their ad spend and ROAS across multiple advertising channels

Starting at


per month when billed annually

  • Get data from popular ad platforms  
  • Basic support  

+ Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Easy-to-use data transformation templates  
  • 21-day data actualization
  • Historical data import  
  • Visualize data in Looker Studio or Google Sheets
  • Data Ownership
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OWOX BI Real-time Streaming


Designed for marketing leaders who need to keep campaign performance under control with all of the reports in one place and accurate acquisition tracking

Starting at


per month when billed annually

  • Get data from 40 data sources  
  • Basic support  

+ Everything in Growth, plus:

  • Cookie-less privacy-compliant user behavior tracker  
  • 50+ customizable Looker Studio dashboards to set up in minutes
  • Comprehensive Set of Attribution Models  
  • Data residency (US, EU & 5 others)
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Designed for marketing executives who need to see the bigger picture by bridging the gap between marketing efforts & CRM data and calculating the incremental value of each paid click

Starting at


per month when billed annually

  • Get data from 170 data sources  
  • Business support  

+ Everything in Professional, plus:

  • CRM data modeling
  • Cross-Device, Cohort, RFM Analytics
  • Machine Learning Attribution  
  • Visualize data in Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI
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All solutions include

Unlimited period of historical data
Data Ownership
Data Quality Monitoring
Unlimited product seats
Data Residency (US, EU & 5 others)
Seamless connectivity to Looker Studio, Google Sheets, MS Power BI, Tableau

Frequently asked questions

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  • Which OWOX BI plan is right for me?

    If you are a traffic manager or data analyst analyst and you want to unifiy AdSpend report for measuring cross-platform CPL, CPA and ROAS on a daily basis, with no-code data collection in GA4, then the Starter plan is suitable for you.

    If you are seeking enhanced reporting to stay on top of your ad spend and ROAS across multiple advertising channels, then our Growth Plan is what you need.

    If you a marketing leader who need to keep campaign performance under control with all of the reports in one place and accurate acquisition campaign tracking, then Professional plan is the best choice for you.

    And if you want to connect the dots between marketing and revenue, apply Machine Learning Attribution model so you can calculate the incremental value of each click then Enterprise plan is your best choice.

    Book a demo and we will be happy to help you select the right plan that meets your specific needs.


  • What is a data source?

    A data source is one type of integration from where you want to extract your data. You can create multiple pipelines extracting data from one data source.

  • What is a pipeline?

    OWOX BI Pipeline extracts, transforms & loads your data from and advertising platform, CRM or marketing tool to Google BigQuery, or from Google BigQuery to Google Analytics 4 Accessible SFTP.

  • What is a 7-day trial?

    Before selecting your paid subscription plan for the first time, you can get a free 7-day free trial period to test OWOX BI. This includes 12 data sources connected to Google BigQuery or Google Analytics 4. No credit card is required to start a free trial.

  • What determines the cost of OWOX BI plans?

    If you use OWOX BI only for importing cost data, then the cost of the plan depends on the number of active pipelines from advertising services to Google BigQuery.

    If you use OWOX BI for cookieless tracking, data blending, data preparation for reporting, data transformation, attribution modeling & and building smart reports, then the cost of the plan depends on:

    • The number of unique website users whose data OWOX BI processes;
    • The number of active pipelines from data sources to Google BigQuery;
    • The number of active data sources;
  • What is included in the price?

    Starter plan:

    • 1 pipeline from any of 12 advertising services to Google BigQuery;

    • 1 pipeline from Google BigQuery to GA4-Accessible SFTP managed by OWOX

    • Google Analytics 4 Acquisition Report with Non-Google cost

    • You can add up to 9 more pipelines for $40 each

    Growth plan:

    • 2 data sources

    • 2 pipelines

    • 20 Essential Digital Marketing Reports

    • Blended AdSpend (200 Operation runs per month)

    • Data ownership

    Professional plan:

    • 3 data sources

    • 3 pipelines from 

    • 25+ Advanced Digital Marketing Reports

    • Accurate acquisition campaign tracking (100,000 Monthly active users)

    • Advanced data transformations (600 Operation runs per month)

    • Comprehensive Set of Attribution Models

    Enterprise plan:

    • 4 data sources

    • 4 pipelines from 

    • CRM data connected to Performance Reports

    • Cross-Platform User Profile

    • ML Attribution Models

    • Accurate acquisition campaign tracking (100,000 Monthly active users)

    • Advanced data transformations (600 Operation runs per month)

  • Does OWOX BI have any limitations?

    We build automated end-to-end data analytics systems of any complexity.

    • Unlimited pipelines;
    • By-request data sources;
    • Any volume of data;
    • Unlimited seats.
  • Will I be billed for inactive pipelines?

    No. If data is not being sent via a pipeline or the pipeline is suspended or blocked for the entire reporting period, it will not be taken into account.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Of course. You can cancel your subscription at any time and your account will be deactivated at the end of the billing period.