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BI Start

OWOX BI Start is designed for those who want to collect cost data from advertising services in Google Analytics. Free of charge, no time limits, trusted by almost 6000 projects.

Along with the plan OWOX BI Start you get


    Cost Data Import

    Automatically import cost data from Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing into Google Analytics. Watch video

  • Google Sheets BigQuery Reports Add-on

    Google Sheets BigQuery Reports Add-on

    Upload any kind of data from Google Sheets into Google Analytics Data Import. There is no need to save CSV files or wait for GA to validate the data after it has been uploaded. Just a few clicks and the data is sent to Google Analytics. Watch video

    The plan OWOX BI Start you can save up to 10 queries in the project
  • Google Sheets Data Upload Add-on

    Google Sheets Data Upload Add-on

    Create reports and charts in Google Sheets based on Google BigQuery data. Share your reports with colleagues and use dynamic parameters to seamlessly adjust queries.