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BI Attribution
Find out the real value of your advertising campaigns

  • Path Length Report in Google Analytics

    Do you consider the influence of each session that happened prior to a purchase?

    Most of your customers visit the website more than twice before they make a purchase.

    With the Last-Click attribution model, you ignore the effect of approximately 80% of sources that were involved on a customer’s way to a purchase.

  • Do you consider sales through brick-and-mortar stores and call centers?

    Does the sales volume in Google Analytics match your real revenue?

    If your customers choose products on the website but buy them at a brick-and-mortar store or through a call center, you drastically underestimate the influence of online campaigns.

  • Do you evaluate channels only by their position in the visit sequence?

    Position-based attribution models (Linear, Time Decay, U-Shape etc.) don’t consider customers’ behavior during the session.

  • transparent attribution calculation

    Is your attribution model transparent and clear?

    Most of the complex models don’t allow you to access the raw data, which means you can’t verify the logic of calculations.

    You can only see aggregated data at the level of advertising campaigns. This means that you can’t see how the value is assigned at the level of each actual user or transaction.


Find out the real impact of your advertising campaigns

Accurate funnel models

funnel based attribution
ML Funnel Based Attribution evaluates the probability that a customer moves to the each next step of the sales funnel.

The less is likelihood — the bigger value will be attributed to the session where a customer overcame this step.

Probability is calculated considering customer behaviour and your sales funnel specifications.

There is no need to guess which attribution model you should apply anymore.

Use unified model and attribute value based on the customer journey inside the sales funnel, not on the position of the traffic source in a sequence.

  • Evaluate your ads based on the full information about online and offline customer touchpoints
  • See how your online marketing efforts contribute to sales in offline stores, considering the revenues from offline stores and order completion rates
  • Find out which of your advertising campaigns were under or overvalued, in order to optimize your advertising spend
  • Give credit based on the gross margins from your sales, not the revenues you see in Google Analytics
  • Optimize your advertising strategy considering how your ads perform on different devices, at different stages of the funnel
  • Manage bids with accurate data about your advertising performance. Currently, OWOX BI Attribution integrates with Google AdWords, Alytics, and K50: Optimizer

Transparent calculations, unlimited reports

You get full access to each click, each session and each step of the calculations in Google BigQuery.

Moreover, all the data is stored in your project in Google Cloud Platform and belongs to you. The ML Funnel Based Attribution simply helps you make more sense out of your data.

Learn more about your customers

ML Funnel Based Attribution calculates the value of each session.
This enables you to evaluate the costs and to group them, based on each parameter of the session.
Compare the efficiency of user cohorts, for example, depending on whether or not the customers saw a promotion banner before.
Product attribution: how much do you spend and how much you earn on each of the product groups.
Evaluate the contribution of mobile apps by combining the expenses and the revenue you get from customers on all types of devices.

Simple start, quick calculations

You don’t need to place any additional tracking codes

ML Funnel Based Attribution uses unsampled Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce data to perform the calculations.

You don’t need to place any additional tracking tags on your website.

You get results within just a few minutes

All the calculations are performed in Google BigQuery.

Because of this you get the results within minutes, even if you need to process tonnes of data.

Data Import
You have full access to the data used for calculations as it’s stored in your Google BigQuery project
Legal API
You can check the accuracy of calculations for each user session at any time
Not Sell Advertising
We are not an advertising agency and do not sell advertising
Official Gallery
OWOX is the official Google Cloud Platform technology partner


Select a plan
Maximum number of models
Considering non-Google Analytics orders
Community, Email
Community, Email, Online chat
up to 8 hours
up to 4 hours
The fixed price when paid month-to-month
from $115/mo
from $1400/mo

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

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  • Why is your model better than Data-Driven one?

    Our attribution model provides you with the access to all your data in Google BigQuery. So you can always check calculations and find out the real value of each order and each session.
  • Why is your model better than Time Decay, U-shape and other ones?

    These attribution models evaluate traffic sources based on their position and do not consider real customer behaviour during the session. The disadvantage here is that the session will get the same value no matter if the customer just added a product to a cart or proceeded to the checkout. On the other hand, our attribution model evaluates session based on the customer behaviour on his way to a purchase.
  • Why is your model better than Last Non-Direct Click model?

    Last Non-Direct Click model evaluates just the impact of the last source and doesn’t consider all previous sources. Even if the customer was introduced to a product that he finally bought and added it to a cart the value will be assigned to the last source. Attribution model based on the customer journey inside the sales funnel considers the impact of each session in the sequence and it makes this approach more reliable.
  • Can we use your model to evaluate media campaigns?

    Of course, our attribution model evaluated the source input at each step of the sales funnel
  • How to set up data collection and processing for Funnel Based Attribution?

    We use unsampled Google Analytics data. You can find detailed implementation description here.

Examples of using BI Attribution

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