Automate business reporting in Google Sheets

Simplify getting reports in Google Sheets without manual data blending and relying on digital analyst resources availability.

Automate your reporting with OWOX BI

Connect database, run reports and prepare dashboards in your favorite Google Sheets

Build reports with Google Sheets in no time

  • Connect your database to Google Sheets in one click

  • Use flexible data filters & aggregations

  • Get live charts, pivot tables, and formulas on top of your database

Automatically update & share dashboards

  • Automatically refresh live data into your sheets weekly, daily or hourly

  • Share up-to-date reports with your team or stakeholders

  • Use pre-built dashboard templates or create your own

Keep all your metrics in one place

  • Report on whats important to you. 

  • Your business is unique, your reporting should reflect your goals and needs.

  • Setup all your reports in one place and never check and configure them again.

Data at your fingertips

Save time, automate your reporting. Design a report once, and automatically update
it so you can share the latest insights with stakeholders with no work at all

How It Works

OWOX BI connects to BigQuery, imports live data into Google Sheets, automates business workflows, and exports data into back into BigQuery

One-Click Access

One-Click Access

Connect Google Sheets to BigQuery with our one-click connector.

2-Way Sync

2-Way Sync

Automatically bulk upload data from Sheets into your BigQuery with 2-way sync.

Blended data

Blended data

Work with blended and harmonized metrics & KPIs to gain trusted insights.

Data that matters

Data that matters

Import only the data you need. Keep your spreadsheets to the point.

Schedule Data Refreshes

Schedule data updates hourly, daily, or weekly, or refresh data in a single click

Instant Notifications

Set up automatic alerts to notify you when a data is updated (or isn’t)

Access Management

Connect your BigQuery to Sheets just once. Share data marts without sharing BigQuery

Enterprise SLA

OWOX guarantees that 96% of your reports updates will be successfully completed

OWOX BI Reports Extension Pricing

OWOX BI Reports Extension

Get unlimited reports from Google BigQuery built-in Google Sheets

  • Unlimited import file size
  • Unlimited rows
  • Unlimited seats
  • Data freshness (weekly, daily, hourly)
  • Email alerts
  • Consolidated billing
  • Access management

  • G2 Crowd Top 3
  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Capterra

Number of Report Runs every month

% off with annual plan
$ per month

You save $ per year

Try for free

No credit card required

  • G2 Crowd Top 3
  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Capterra


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  • How do I install OWOX BI Reports Extension?

    1. Click the “Get Started Free” button.
    2. Click “Install”.
    3. Open a new or existing spreadsheet and click Extensions -> OWOX BI BigQuery Reports -> Add a new Report.
  • Is there any limit to the number of reports?

    There are no limits to the number of reports you can create, however, most of our plans have a limit to the number of times your reports can be refreshed each month
  • Is there any limit to the amount of data I can pull?

    OWOX BI is designed to avoid limiting you. However, Google Sheets itself currently limits you to 10,000,000 cells per spreadsheet
  • What does 100 report runs / month mean?

    Our Free plan is free forever. It allows you to build as many reports as you want, as a way to try OWOX BI out. However, with a free account you are limited to 100 report runs total each month, across all reports
  • Do you charge for users, number of rows or file size?

    No. Definitely not. OWOX BI is charged based on the number of report runs (refreshes) per month, rather than the number of users, logins, file size or number of rows
  • What plan is right for me?

    Start automating your reports for free, and scale up as you grow. OWOX BI is for everybody: from individuals with small projects that need automated reports in Google Sheets to teams building and collaborating on reporting across the entire organization
  • Can my colleagues access my reports?

    Yes, they can access data in your spreadsheets if you’ve shared them. However, your team members will not have the ability to edit your reports or schedule automated refreshes
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Easily consolidate all of your marketing data into Google Sheets

And get business-ready data automatically updated

Our add-on with Google Sheets data allows you to streamline your marketing efforts without needing to write any code. With our fully-managed pipelines, you can quickly and securely transfer data from a set of data sources to Google BigQuery and sync with Google Sheets. Book a demo now and start making data-driven decisions.

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