Turn raw marketing data into actionable business insights

Clean and transform all of your marketing data so they represent your unique business model with customizable no-code templates from day one. Find powerful insights with prebuilt customizable no-code templates faster

OWOX BI Transformation

How OWOX BI Transforms Your Data


Reduce inconsistencies in your marketing data with automated data normalization. We clean up your data so you don’t have to.


Bring siloed costs from advertising platforms and conversions from your website or sales CRM into a unified dataset.


Attribute sales revenue to marketing activities by your rules so you can focus on high-value customer journeys.


Leverage ready-made no-code templates or advanced SQL transformation to get data marts ready for visualization.

Get business-ready data for any marketing use case

To report on ROAS, LTV, CAC, and omnichannel performance you need to normalize, blend, and attribute data correctly.

OWOX BI allows you to make your marketing data consistent. With or without code. This means easy and fast implementation and no delay between your data and smart decision-making.

Unify revenue-specific cross-channel data

OWOX BI provides a collection of pre-built recipes to properly blend data ingredients to solve any marketing use case.

  • For marketers: Use pre-built templates to merge the data you need without data engineers or writing SQL.
  • For data professionals: Set up a seamless tool for marketing analytics that you don’t need to maintain.
  • For C-level: Use a martech tool to power your predictable and optimized growth and efficiency.

Marketing attribution tailored to your business business model

Evaluate every click’s impact on revenue and focus on marketing efforts that bring in your best customers.

  • For marketers: Attribute marketing efforts to revenue, and costs to website activities.
  • For data professionals: Effortlessly unify reporting across marketing, sales, and finance.
  • For C-level: Get full control over your revenue drivers and plan for business expansion.

Get hands-on with your data

Take full control of your data processing, transformations, and custom models with OWOX BI:

  • For marketers: Unleash the power of complex marketing reports and niche ad platforms.
  • For data professionals: Get full control over your data flow with no- or low-code transformation toolset.
  • For C-level: Gain full visibility over the effectiveness of the complex marketing team’s efforts.

Great data for great analysis

Why transform using OWOX BI?

Easy to Use

You don’t need to be a data expert. You don’t need to be a developer either. Coding is not required. Use pre-built templates or create your own to transform data into insights.

Save Time

Avoid development time. Reduce your backlog. Eliminate the back-and-forth between data experts and marketers to answer the right questions.

Clear Project Structure

Visually express your data flow in terms of data sources, data transformations, data marts, and data destinations (eg. visualization tools).

Build Data Waterfall

Sequence your transformations with dependency triggers. Implement the lineage of your operational workflow that helps identify and easily fix problems.

Transform decision-making

OWOX BI helps data & marketing teams work like software engineers — to prepare trusted data, faster, with or without coding.

100% Data Ownership

When your business data is stored in Google BigQuery - you can transform, test, and document it with OWOX BI. We never keep or save your data.

Fresh and up-to-date

Keep your data fresh and relevant by scheduling updates for each transformation or report. Apply dependency triggers and alerting system.

Accurate and reliable

OWOX BI eliminates the risk of human errors and ensures high-quality execution by seamless data preparation with full control over the data flow.

What is OWOX BI Transformation?

OWOX BI Transformation is an SQL-first data transformation workflow that lets data or marketing teams quickly and collaboratively deploy data preparations with or without code.

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