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Automated Data Collection

Analytics-Ready Data

Extraordinary Data Granularity

Reliable Data Quality

Unlock Valuable Insights Across Channels with Data Integration

Maximize the potential of your SaaS business with OWOX BI. Our platform seamlessly integrates data from your various sources, such as web analytics, CRM, customer support, and marketing automation tools. By unifying all of your data in one place, you can easily track the performance of your campaigns, understand the behavior of your users, and optimize your strategies to increase conversions and reduce customer acquisition costs.

In addition, our notification system alerts you to any issues or discrepancies in your data, ensuring that you always have accurate insights to guide your decision-making.

Collect all of your data in one place

Collect Accurate Data and Fix Your Direct/None Traffic Issue

In a cookieless world, it's more important than ever to have high-quality data to drive your marketing decisions. With OWOX BI, you can track user behavior in real-time using server-side tracking, and our conversion modeling helps you measure the efficiency of your marketing channels even when you lack consented data.

Our platform provides complete data and insights to help you optimize your marketing strategy and increase your customer base. 

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Optimize Your Funnel and Increase Conversions at every step

OWOX BI empowers your SaaS business to evaluate the probability of conversion and analyze user behavior at each stage of the funnel. By gaining valuable insights into how to optimize your online or offline advertising campaigns, you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Our platform considers all touchpoints, giving you a comprehensive view of user behavior and enabling you to make data-driven decisions to increase your advertising ROI. With OWOX BI, you can increase funnel conversion and grow your customer base.

Are you ready to optimize your funnel and increase conversions?

Increase the funnel conversion

Increase Your Marketing ROI with Advanced Metrics Analysis

Don't settle for surface-level metrics. OWOX BI helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your marketing efficiency by grouping costs and revenue based on users, subscription plans, or advertising channels, in addition to the standard source/medium/campaign breakdowns.

Our platform allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, analyze user behavior, and evaluate your customer lifetime value (LTV) and customer acquisition cost (CAC). With these insights, you can make data-driven decisions that maximize your ROI and grow your SaaS business.

Ready to take your metrics analysis to the next level?

Maximize Customer LTV and Drive Upsells

OWOX BI allows you to combine unsampled user behavior data with personal data and purchase histories, creating RFM segments and conducting cohort analysis to generate ROPO reports. This information helps you identify your most valuable customer segments and develop targeted marketing campaigns to drive more upsells or downsells.

Moreover, our platform enables personalized communication with users through marketing channels, increasing the probability of upsells and driving long-term revenue growth.

Maximize LTV with OWOX BI

Get Expert Analytics Support for Your SaaS Business

Choosing OWOX BI means you'll have access to a team of skilled analytics professionals who specialize in helping SaaS companies make data-driven decisions. Our team has a successful track record of implementing reporting projects for SaaS businesses of all sizes.

When you entrust your analytics tasks to our team, you can be confident that our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your project and provide customized solutions for building an analytics stack and visualizing your data.

Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with our Extensive Connector Library

OWOX BI makes it easy to integrate your data from over 150 platforms, giving you a single source of truth for your reporting and analytics needs. With OWOX, your data is analysis-ready, saving you valuable time and effort.

Revolutionize Your Marketing Data

Comprehensive omnichannel reporting

Gain insights from all marketing channels, including online and offline, website and application, actual sales, and returned orders.

Real-time data collection

Collect hit-level data in real time with OWOX BI and use it for trigger-based campaigns or frequently updated dashboards.

Extended cookie lifetime

Use OWOX BI server-side website tracking to collect first-party data and merge it with marketing data to improve acquisition campaign analysis.

Accurate ad cost attribution

Evaluate media advertising effectiveness for different user cohorts, regions, landing pages, and product groups with session-based ad cost attribution.

Unified cross-device user profiles

Merge all data about user behavior from your site, various devices, and applications into a single profile for a holistic view of user behavior.

Privacy and security

Collect first-party data based on user consent with OWOX server-side tracking, which securely stores data on your personal domain and in your preferred location (EU, US, or worldwide).

Make data-driven decisions with detailed marketing dashboards

Our Google Data Studio Dashboard Templates can help you to visualize your e-commerce store data

SaaS report

Who will benefit from this report?

Marketers and marketing directors of companies offering their products or services on a subscription model Digital analysts of SaaS companies

Industry: SaaS

Microconversion report

The OWOX BI dashboard will be useful for both marketers and the development team. It allows you to quickly detect conversion problems on the website and fix them.

Digital marketing dashboard

Analyze campaigns from Google Ads, Facebook, and other advertising services on one dashboard. Compare campaign performance and optimize your marketing budget.

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    OWOX BI helped us take ANSWEAR’s analytics strategy up a level. ANSWEAR is a fast developing online retailer and it needs high-quality analysis. Other analytics tools...
  • Chantelle

    Great job, OWOX team!

    We’ve been working with OWOX on ROPO analysis for the past 6 months. By reconciling data from our CRM systems and behavioral online raw data into Google BigQuery, we were able to better understand our customers’...
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    Trainings with OWOX

    We asked their help to get more information about Google Analytics and Tag Manager. They came over and gave a good 2 full days of training plus a little extra with analysis. They were...
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    Great Team

    We have worked with OWOX on the implementation of the Google Analytics and Big Query products. They have done an huge work and we are totally satisfied for the result, now we are able...
  • DHL Transportörerna Intresse AB

    Amazing product and team

    We are using OWOX BI BigQuery Report for Google Spreadsheet — and love it! It’s powerful as it give us Big Data in a easy manageable format. I can really...


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