Marketing analytics for insurance and financial companies

Make smarter and faster decisions and attract more customers with a secure digital analytics tool designed for a cookieless world.

Collect all your data in one place

Unify website, app, advertising, and CRM data automatically so you can finally see all the necessary metrics in one report.

With OWOX BI, your data will be complete, clean, and up to date, without unpleasant surprises. In case of anomalies, discrepancies, or report breakdowns, you’ll receive a notification describing what’s wrong.

See the whole picture even in a cookieless world

We offer server-side tracking and real-time streaming of user behavior data from your website in Google Analytics 4 format so you have high-quality and complete data for decision-making.

If you lack data due to non-consenting users, OWOX BI provides you with conversion modeling so you still can measure channel efficiency.

Analyze marketing efficiency across business metrics

With OWOX BI, you can group costs and revenue not only by source, medium, or campaign but also by user, product, or landing page.

Measure the effectiveness of product categories, client segments, and landing pages to analyze user segments for new and returning clients.

Easily segment your clients into groups

With OWOX BI, you can track how users interact with your brand and how different cohorts behave at each funnel step.

Based on this information, you can segment your users and your client database and personalize communication with users to increase LTV and reduce CAC.

Measure marketing impact at each step of the funnel

Analyze campaign efficiency down to the keyword at each step of the funnel. Find out which channels are best at attracting new users, nurturing, and converting.

Evaluate the probability of conversion, see how new and returning users behave in your sales funnel, consider all touchpoints, and use the insights obtained to increase your advertising effectiveness.

Unique benefits of OWOX BI

High data accuracy

High data accuracy

OWOX reports possible errors, recognizes dynamic parameters in UTM tags, handles short links, and converts costs into one currency so you can enjoy data analysis.

Real-time data

Real-time data

With OWOX BI, hit-level data is collected in Google BigQuery in real time. This is crucial if you use user activity data for trigger-based campaigns or frequently updated dashboards.

Extended cookie lifetime

Extended cookie lifetime

OWOX BI server-side website tracking collects first-party data and merges it with marketing data in storage to improve acquisition campaign analysis.

Ad costs attributed to sessions

Ad costs attributed to sessions

Evaluate the effectiveness of media advertising for different user cohorts, regions, landing pages, and product groups.

Single cross-device user profile

All data about user behavior from your site as well as various devices and applications will be merged into a single profile.

Privacy & security

OWOX server-side tracking securely collects first-party data based on user consent. Data is collected on your personal domain and stored in the location of your choice (EU, US, worldwide).

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