How ZOOD Went From Manual Weekly Reporting to Next-Level Automated Daily Reports In Just 6 Weeks

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All-in-one Digital marketing Dashboard

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All-in-one Digital marketing Dashboard

ZOOD - a digital lending platform

The Customer: ZOOD - a digital lending platform

ZOOD is a digital lending platform that drives financial inclusion by providing solutions to over 300 million individuals and SMEs in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Lebanon. ZOOD provides a holistic ecosystem encompassing Fintech (ZOODPay), E-commerce (ZOODMall), and E-logistics services (ZOODShip), with lending at the core of its operations.

Industry: Digital lending (Lendtech)

Staff: 600 experts from 14 countries

ZOOD is a digital lending platform


❌ Limited internal data warehouse capabilities 

❌ Internal BI system inefficient for marketing analytics

❌ Overwhelmed IT department


✅ 6 weeks to next-level reporting system rollout

✅ 10+ hours a week saved for marketing and IT teams

✅ Manual weekly reports → Automated daily reports

The Challenge: Overcoming fragmented systems and inefficient data management

Every large lendtech platform like ZOOD, striving to be an industry leader, needs a unified analytics tracking system for improved data clarity and marketing effectiveness. However, ZOOD encountered several obstacles:

  • Security requirements for storing sensitive information in the internal storage

  • Limited data gathering from analytical platforms into existing BI system

  • Busy IT department

  • Confusion with data connections from other cloud storage

  • Fragmented tech stack for marketing analytics

Understanding the Data Storage Dilemma

You might wonder, why not simply transfer all online data into internal storage? 

Well, there are 4 main reasons for that:

  1. The volume of unstructured data: Daily, ZOOD deals with gigabytes of raw, unstructured marketing data. Transferring this massive volume is not only time-consuming but also incurs substantial data transfer costs in GCP.

  2. Storage capacity and cost: Storing these ever-accumulating gigabytes of poorly structured data demands constant expansion of disk storage, which leads to increased costs.

  3. Data fluidity and maintenance: Marketing data is subject to update over time, so it needs to be periodically re-imported to keep the internal databases up-to-date and useful. It’s a task that requires both agility and precision.ʼ

  4. Processing power: Processing vast amounts of marketing data in-house, isn't just about having the space for it. It's about having the power to manage it effectively. This means ZOOD would need a significant upgrade in hardware, surpassing the capabilities of simple SQL queries.

Initially, ZOOD focused on business indicators, with event tracking on their website and applications being supplementary and lacking an integrated system. There was no comprehensive solution for combining the performance data for the traffic coming from different sources.

Marina, Head of Product Analytics at ZOOD, recalls her ambition upon joining the company: 

“When I joined the company a few years ago as a person responsible for analytics, I set a goal to create a unified end-to-end analytics system to understand and interpret user actions.”

A solution for ZOOD was out there, and the quest for it led to OWOX BI.

The Solution: Tailored and comprehensive analytics with OWOX BI

OWOX BI Solutions

Realizing their challenges, ZOOD sought out a solution and found OWOX BI. In their initial meeting with us, they quickly recognized that OWOX BI is not a one-size-fits-all analytics platform, but a personalized solution suited to their unique business needs.

Marina shares her perspective:

“I knew about OWOX BI from working for another big marketplace and believed that the solution OWOX BI offers could establish a solid foundation for our internal analytics system for years to come.”

Well, she is absolutely right because here is what Ievgen Krasovitskyi, Head of Marketing at OWOX, adds:

“OWOX BI is an all-in-one marketing analytics platform that assists mid-sized and large-sized businesses in automating digital reporting. Over the past 9+ years, we’ve served over 2,000 businesses across multiple industries.”

Given these insights, adopting a suitable solution for improving ZOOD's marketing effectiveness became essential.

The Implementation: Achieving end-to-end analytics in just 6 weeks

Once our team had aligned with ZOOD and confirmed the action plan, we started the implementation phase.

OWOX focused on 4 key areas to transform ZOOD's data analytics capabilities:

  1. Comprehensive data collection: Utilizing OWOX BI Pipelines to gather cost data from various advertising platforms, ensuring no expense detail is overlooked.

  2. Accurate acquisition tracking: Overcoming data sampling restrictions with the robust OWOX BI Streaming solution, enabling more accurate and extensive web analytics data.

  3. Blending marketing & analytics data: Implementing a unified approach to marketing performance monitoring for campaign optimization backed with data.

  4. Optimizing data for business intelligence: Transforming analytics data into a business-ready data format with OWOX BI. This process ensures data is stored in a flat structure, occupies minimal storage space, and is readily importable into the corporate database for enhanced business intelligence applications.

One of the first things where we helped ZOOD was when actually linked marketing with business indicators, and here’s what Marina says about that:

“The first problem that we solved using OWOX BI was not even the attribution of the revenue to specific channels, but rather the attribution of the costs to the user so that we could calculate the acquisition cost of a specific user. In fact, OWOX BI solution has greatly opened up opportunities for actually managing ad costs”

This strategy set the foundation for ZOOD's transformation in data analytics.

After implementing the entire solution in just 6 weeks, ZOOD’s analysts were surprised at how easily and quickly they could collect data from multiple sources, prepare it in the business-ready format, gather it to the internal data warehouse, and visualize it on a dashboard for the stakeholders so they could make informed decisions.

The Benefits: OWOX BI – a seamless analytics solution

When it comes to choosing the right tech solution for your business no question it’s a very important choice. So, when we asked Marina about how OWOX BI is different from their previous tech stack, she expressed the distinct advantages of OWOX BI:

  • Time efficiency in data management: OWOX BI significantly reduced the time ZOOD previously spent on data collection and report generation, freeing up valuable resources for strategic tasks.

  • Simplified ad-hoc reporting: The ease of generating ad-hoc reports with OWOX BI contrasted with the previous labor-intensive process, enhancing responsiveness and agility.

  • Cost-effective digital advertising: OWOX BI's in-depth insights led to more targeted and efficient advertising strategies, resulting in substantial cost savings.

The Impact: Revolutionizing analytics and marketing strategy

Implementing OWOX BI has notably impacted ZOOD's operations:

  • Deeper user behavior insights: Enhanced understanding of customer interactions and purchasing habits.

  • Clear channel insights: Comprehensive insights into marketing channel performances.

  • Automated reporting: Simplified reporting processes, reducing manual labor and time.

  • Enhanced marketing visibility: Improved understanding of marketing campaign effectiveness.

Marina remarks on the significant impact of OWOX BI in revolutionizing their analytics and marketing strategy:

“It’s really a top-notch use case considering not a big budget. After we conducted internal RFM analysis, and on top of this segmentation, we laid out our cost analysis and we were able to get the exact audience segment we needed and deliver personalized offers for those users.”

So this report built with OWOX BI became the cornerstone of ZOOD’s to measure the effectiveness of working with clients’ segments and multichannel budget allocation.

This strategic shift in analytics has empowered ZOOD to refine its marketing strategies, reinforcing its position as an emerging leader in the online marketplace.

The Next Steps: Expanding the use of OWOX BI

Marina admitted that ZOOD’s challenges are not something that any out-of-the-box analytical solution can cover, so it takes time to develop.

Marina recognizes that standard analytical solutions cannot adequately address the unique challenges ZOOD faces. This complexity entails a more robust approach, making OWOX BI an ideal fit for their specific requirements.

Looking ahead, ZOOD plans to expand its use of OWOX BI in several key areas:

  • Enhanced testing and analysis: Advancing their A/B testing capabilities through the sophisticated features of OWOX BI Transformation.

  • Automated reporting: Setting up an automated reporting system with OWOX BI Transformation to reduce the need for manual processes.

  • Ultimate dashboard setup: Developing a master dashboard using Looker Studio's customizable templates provided by the OWOX team to display all essential metrics, filtered and presented for ease of analysis and decision-making.

Marina shares ZOOD’s vision for the future:

“We aim to set up attribution to the last non-direct click and show our marketing team the alignment between the model used in Adjust and the data in OWOX BI.

The plan is to phase out Adjust and transition to a single analytics system for a comprehensive view of client data, attributing costs and revenues, and then progressing to more complex data models.”

ZOOD is set to leverage more features of OWOX BI, with the support of OWOX's customer success team, to automate various tasks and tackle new challenges.

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icon Dashboard template

All-in-one Digital marketing Dashboard

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All-in-one Digital marketing Dashboard