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Three most common blindspots in digital marketing

CRM data is not connected to digital analytics reports

Digital marketing campaigns are measured by online conversions, but C-levels are typically looking for completed orders, opportunities or SQLs to prove real value of acquisition campaigns.. However, If your CRM data is not connected to your digital analytics reports, you won’t know which acquisition campaigns are underestimated or overperformed from the perspective of real business value.

Significant proportion of traffic comes from unknown sources

A major issue digital marketers face is the inability to understand the real sources of the website traffic, especially when a significant proportion of sessions and conversions are labelled as direct/none. The problem is often due to the limited lifespan of first-party cookies in browsers like Safari, which disconnect subsequent user sessions from the original session. This can lead to not attributing conversions correctly, leading to loss of income.

Non-consent data doesn’t have session traffic sources even for converted visitors

The GDPR and CCPA require user consent before collecting analytics data, which means that traffic sources may be unknown for converted visitors within a single session (Non-Consent Data). This poses a challenge for businesses working with EU residents as noncompliance can lead to large fines. While Google Analytics 4 provides options to manage imported data, there is no way to store data only in the desired location. This leads to a discrepancy between CRM data and digital analytics data.

All-in-One software solution
that changes the way of user data collection

Connecting Marketing and Revenue

OWOX BI automates the collection of user behavior data from different marketing sources such as Google Analytics 4, AppsFlyer, website (raw data with full GDPR compliance), advertising platforms, CRM systems and other marketing data sources.

There in no need for manual cleaning and structuring as OWOX BI normalizes raw data automatically into an analytics-ready format.

Then we automatically apply basic transformations such as sessionization, cost data blending, user type detection, conversion modeling, custom channel grouping (or you can always manually add the transformations you need).

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Fixing Tracking Issues with Direct/None Traffic

OWOX BI provides a server-side tracking system that extends the lifespan of cookies, allowing marketers to see the whole conversion journey accurately.

OWOX BI creates a cookie ouid (owox.user_id.) that lasts 364 days to help you build analytics reports. It also recognises UTM parameters when importing ad costs, making it possible to merge data from various ad services for a more detailed picture.

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Privacy-Centric Solution to Non-Consent Data Challenges

OWOX BI provides a privacy-centric approach to collect and use personally identifiable information (PII) in line with strict privacy and security requirements.

With OWOX BI, you can choose data residency (EU, US, or global), remove PII for non-consent users, and encrypt all user data with custom keys. OWOX BI also offers a unique solution to address the non-consent gap in the Performance report. The modeled conversion algorithm developed on standard SQL allows for the testing of different conversion models and provides the right data at the right time.

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Effortlessly Set Up OWOX BI Tracking in Just 5 Minutes

Say goodbye to complicated setup processes, coding or the team of developers. Once set up, our all-in-one platform will automatically transform your collected data into analytics-ready format.

Revolutionize Your Marketing Data

Revolutionize Your Marketing Data

Automated omnichannel reporting

Automated omnichannel reporting

Save time and focus on data analysis by letting OWOX BI automate data preparation for you.

High data accuracy

High data accuracy

Experience the highest data accuracy from your marketing campaigns and always make data-driven decisions with OWOX BI.

Maximize your insights

Maximize your insights

Build the reports you need with extraordinary level of data granularity from OWOX BI.

Data quality monitoring

Data quality monitoring

Ensure data relevance and quality with OWOX BI's transparent monitoring. Trust your data with our data quality monitoring.

Automatic data updates

Automatic data updates

Get fresh data every time. OWOX BI's automatic updates data if it changes in the advertising service withing 21-day window.

Historical data import

Historical data import

Evaluate your past campaigns with OWOX BI's historical data import feature. Unlock Insights from Your Historical Data.

No maintenance — no worries

No maintenance — no worries

Don't worry about maintaining connectors — let OWOX BI take care of all the API for you. Enjoy worry-free data integration!

Get world-class support

Get world-class support

Get the help you need with OWOX BI's support and customer success team. Try it now and experience our world-class service!

2,000 companies rely on us

2,000 companies rely on us All testimonials

  • OneClass

    Great Service!

    We needed a solution that allowed us to keep a copy of all the analytics hits we were tracking. OWOX helped us do exactly that. We are able to stream millions...
  • Answear

    A leap forward to better analytics

    OWOX BI helped us take ANSWEAR’s analytics strategy up a level. ANSWEAR is a fast developing online retailer and it needs high-quality analysis. Other analytics tools...
  • Chantelle

    Great job, OWOX team!

    We’ve been working with OWOX on ROPO analysis for the past 6 months. By reconciling data from our CRM systems and behavioral online raw data into Google BigQuery, we were able to better understand our customers’...
  • Mindshare

    Trainings with OWOX

    We asked their help to get more information about Google Analytics and Tag Manager. They came over and gave a good 2 full days of training plus a little extra with analysis. They were...
  • QVC

    Great Team

    We have worked with OWOX on the implementation of the Google Analytics and Big Query products. They have done an huge work and we are totally satisfied for the result, now we are able...
  • DHL Transportörerna Intresse AB

    Amazing product and team

    We are using OWOX BI BigQuery Report for Google Spreadsheet — and love it! It’s powerful as it give us Big Data in a easy manageable format. I can really...


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