OWOX BI Streaming

Accurate campaign tracking to eliminate blind spots in digital marketing

Track any user activity on your website in real time

  • Find out real acquisition campaigns source/medium/channel
  • No limits
  • No delays
  • No data gaps or missed traffic sources
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Designed around cookie and ITP restrictions.

Cookieless server-side tracking out of the box

Eliminate blind spots in digital marketing. Collect first-party data, extend the cookie lifespan, avoid being affected by ad blockers and find out real acquisition source/medium.

Real-time data collection without unexpected delays

Enjoy always up to date reports and dashboards. Immediately get SQL-accessible analytics-ready data. No gaps or delays because of middleware.

Privacy-centric and secure solution

Gain complete control of consent and non-consent data. Collect and use personally identifiable information (PII) in line with the highest privacy and security standards.

Choose your data residency (EU, US, or global), remove PII for non-consent users, and encrypt all user data with custom keys.

Exceptional data completeness

Work with unsampled data for accurate KPI calculations. Track any user activity on your site and get extra fields like is_bot, request_source, and owox.user_id defined at the event level.

Unleash all the power of owox.event_id for event deduplication and defining event sequences to assemble correct sessions for further reports.

Seamless data blending and transformation

Don’t waste your time on data preparation. Transform your raw data into datasets that are ready for analysis in a flat table structure to build any report you need in minutes.

Create a single source of truth with your company’s custom data model. Get ready-made, simple, and understandable objects and clear metrics calculation logic.

Backwards compatibility with Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 schemas

Migrate to GA4 without headaches. Update your reports and save your historical data with seamless transformation of GAU and GA4 data into a universal and business-ready format.

Automatically update Channel Grouping or any other metric calculation and use unique identifiers for deduplication.

5-minute setup

Set up OWOX BI tracking alongside your current Google Analytics configuration in minutes, not weeks. No need for new markup and a team of developers.

In just five minutes, collected data is transformed into a report-ready format and ready to use. Just connect Looker Studio, Google Sheets, or another BI tool of your choice and start analyzing your data.

Accurate data for great analysis

Data quality guaranteed in SLA

The OWOX BI service-level agreement (SLA) guarantees that at least 99% of data will be collected and accurately processed. Be confident in your data collection and reporting.

Maximum data granularity

OWOX provides you with high data granularity so you can build any report you need and can be sure that the data you get is clean, unsampled, and ready to use.

High-touch customer care and consulting

Our experts are always here to help you get started with OWOX, map your business goals to KPIs, handle deployment, and set up tailored reports. You can count on us whenever you need guidance.

Ready-made templates

Save your time with OWOX Dashboard Gallery. We’ve collected the most popular dashboards  so you can simply connect your data and enjoy insights.


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