Deliver business-ready data with OWOX BI. Just focus on data analysis

OWOX BI automatically collects all marketing data in a single convenient structure from your website, advertising services, and call tracking and CRM systems. Get up-to-date and unified data ready for further segmentation and reporting. No more spending time on data discrepancies and complex transformations.

Work with data faster and more efficiently

It’s unnecessary to spend hours developing and supporting complex transformations, delving into the data structure, and looking for the causes of discrepancies.

OWOX BI automatically collects raw data from different ad sources and converts it into a report-friendly format. You’ll get ready-made datasets that are automatically transformed into the proper structure, taking into account nuances important to marketers.

Automatically merge session hits

It’s time to switch from the Google Analytics logic of forming sessions.

A more preferable option for analysts is to apply user-centered data collection and individual calculated sessions.

The OWOX BI algorithm automatically combines hits in sessions without resorting to the Google Analytics logic of session formation.

You’ll get ready-to-use automatically updated session tables in a convenient structure without the need to write complex data transformations.

Unified cost data structure

OWOX BI works smoothly with large ad accounts and uploads all data regardless of the number of campaigns. We collect all cost data in an automatically updated, unified, and user-friendly table without unnecessary fields.

Besides automatically importing cost data, OWOX BI recognizes dynamic parameters in UTM tags, converts costs into one currency, and monitors data relevance.

Analyze advertising efficiency with individually calculated sessions

OWOX BI attributes cost data at the session level. You are no longer limited to evaluating marketing effectiveness within the scope of an advertising campaign and can correctly calculate unit economics.

Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising for different cohorts, regions, landing pages, and product groups.

Single cross-device user profile

All data about user behavior from your site as well as various devices and applications will be merged into a single profile.

You’ll get a complete picture of the user’s behavior to analyze the quality of advertising campaigns.

Be sure of your data and reports

Know the quality of your data at every stage of your work, from collecting raw data to transforming it into a business-ready format.

In the event of anomalies, discrepancies, or report breakdowns, you’ll receive a notification describing what’s wrong. Incomplete data, incorrect markup, an unexpected level of matching, transformation breakdowns, and discrepancies in reports will no longer take you by surprise.

Unique advantages of OWOX BI

Ready-made data merging rules

At each stage of work, we apply ready-made rules for data merging. They are formulated based on our experience with thousands of projects.

Attribution model for your goals

You can connect any standard attribution model to reporting, set up the OWOX BI data-driven model based on conversion forecasting, or create a custom model for your sales funnel.

Save time and eliminate errors

Thanks to the seamless data collection and transformation process, you’ll have complete and relevant data, taking into account its provenance.

Data quality monitoring

We guarantee the timely collection of complete data and provide automatic data monitoring and a visual dashboard to assess the quality of transformed data.

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