HubSpot report

Retail performance report on HubSpot data

HubSpot report

Who will benefit from this report?

  • Retail and e-commerce marketers and marketing directors managing orders in HubSpot
  • Retail and e-commerce digital analysts

Industry: Retail, Ecommerce

With this report, you can

  • Understand if your team is meeting the plan in terms of revenue and cost per order (CPO)
  • Analyze the contribution of each channel to conversions in the context of marketing and sales funnel steps
  • Compare year-over-year trends by key KPIs
  • Evaluate sales volume and effectiveness data from HubSpot using various attribution models in the context of advertising channels, campaigns, and keywords
  • Ensure the quality of data in your reports and save time on checks
Compare the plan to the fact

1. Compare the plan to the fact

Compare the plan to the fact

What the report shows:

  • Comparison of your current revenue generated in HubSpot vs the plan set by the marketing team
  • Deviation in the number of CPO orders in HubSpot compared to the planned efficiency value

Questions you can answer with this report:

  • Has your team achieved the Revenue and CPO targets this month?
  • How have the dynamics of plan execution changed over the past 6 months?

2. Analyze the funnel for each channel

Analyze the funnel for each channel

What the report shows:

  • Conversions (for all users) of site funnel steps and HubSpot in the context of channels, campaigns, regions, and user types
  • Comparison of the volume of completed transactions for new vs returning users

Questions you can answer with this report:

  • What channels attract a non-target audience that falls off at the early steps of the funnel?
  • What paid channels bring buyers that are already in HubSpot’s database?
  • What channels attract new customers and help to expand your repeat sales base in the future?
Analyze the funnel for each channel
Compare trends by KPIs

3. Compare trends by KPIs

Compare trends by KPIs

What the report shows:

  • Comparison of monthly and annual value trends for key metrics, in the growth of which you invest the team's efforts

Questions you can answer with this report:

  • What are the long-term effects of your efforts to attract users?
  • Are key indicators growing compared to the same period last year? For example, how many more sales did you attract this Black Friday compared to last?

4. Compare campaign performance across attribution models

What the report shows:

  • Performance metrics: orders, revenue calculated by Last Non-Direct Click and Funnel Based attribution models
  • Detailed metrics at the level of keywords, campaigns, and sources

Questions you can answer with this report:

  • What is the cost of attracting orders for each channel and campaign?
  • What channels, campaigns, and keywords are undervalued by the Last Non-Direct Click model and actually influence sales more than indicated?
  • Which campaigns should you increase the budget for to heat up the funnel and increase sales through the less competitive Organic and Brand channels?
Be confident in the quality of metrics in your reports

5. Be confident in the quality of metrics in your reports

Be confident in the quality of metrics in your reports

What the report shows:

  • The share of all funds spent on channels attributed to a given user session
  • The share of orders matched with online transactions

Questions you can answer with this report:

  • Can you trust the data in this report at the time of analysis?
  • Is the data merged well?


Seamless data collection

OWOX BI delivers data from your advertising systems, website, application, and HubSpot to your reports.

Improved acquisition campaign analysis

OWOX BI server-side tracking extends cookie expiration time. Get less direct / none traffic in your report, resulting in higher CPO accuracy for campaigns.

Attribution models of your choice

Various attribution models give you a 360-degree view of your campaign efficiency.

World-class support

Our team is always there to help you improve your digital analytics and business decisions.

Full data ownership

All data is collected in your data warehouse so you have a clear picture of the full data flow. No vendor lock-in.

Privacy & Security

OWOX server-side tracking provides secure first-party data collection according user consent. Data is collected on your personal domain and stored in a location of your choice (EU, US, worldwide).

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