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Marketing Reports

Get applicable marketing reports without the help of analysts and developers or knowledge of SQL.
Find insights to attract customers, improve ROI, and lower costs.

Free up the time you spend preparing reports for more crucial tasks

You no longer have to wait for reports from an analyst, switch between reports, or manually merge data to compare the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

With OWOX BI, you get automatically updated, ready-to-use, advanced analytics reports with the latest data. If necessary, you can easily modify and supplement them with metrics that are important to your business.

Consider all touchpoints
Find inefficient advertising campaigns

Build reports without limitations

Don’t limit yourself to templates and standard reports. In OWOX BI, work with data is based on the customer’s business model, not a set of tables you have to merge each time by using SQL. You can create reports by yourself from parameters and metrics that are understandable to business users, both in the OWOX BI interface and in Data Studio, Power BI, and Google Sheets.

Be sure of the quality of your decision-making data

OWOX BI collects and merges data from your website, advertising services, and your CRM system in your Google BigQuery project — and this data is entirely under your control.

The service also checks existing UTM tags in your ad campaigns, reports possible errors, recognizes dynamic parameters, converts costs into a single currency, and monitors the relevance of data.

Prove the efficiency of marketing
Grow fast and stay profitable

Analyze ads in different data slices

To grow and be profitable, you need to attract new customers and return existing ones. But working effectively with new and existing customers requires different marketing mixes. OWOX BI will evaluate channels for different types of customers and growth zones to help you implement your marketing strategy.

Find inefficient advertising campaigns

Monitor your ad performance at the frequency you want. Manage bids based on data and disable loss-making campaigns in time. Save money without losing leads.

Balance your ad spending and solutions with visual reports. Show how marketing affects sales, including offline sales. Make the case for increasing your advertising budget to company executives.

Create your own sales funnel
Manage your ads with data

Evaluate the contribution of each campaign to conversions

Evaluate advertising campaigns based on the likelihood of user conversion. Consider channel capacity, mutual impact, and real value from your CRM. Get recommendations for budget reallocation and predicted results. The OWOX BI attribution model creates a funnel that considers the user’s path on different platforms and calculates an advertising campaign’s objective contribution to sales. You can easily customize the model for your business.

Manage your ads with data

Create automatically updated audience segments based on any of your data and upload them to advertising services. Send the results of attribution calculations to bidding services and manage bids based on your ads’ real effectiveness.

Manage your ads with data
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Unique advantages of OWOX BI

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Different data slices for your business model

OWOX BI collects costs from advertising services and data on users’ behavior from your website in Google BigQuery, merges it, and brings it into the proper structure for your business model. You can quickly build new reports or edit old ones.

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Ensure data quality and security

OWOX BI contractually guarantees not only data collection but data processing. It also automatically monitors data at each level of its collection. You can be sure of the data on which you make decisions.

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Evaluate ad campaigns transparently and reliably

With OWOX BI Attribution, you can see how value is distributed across all campaigns a user has interacted with for each transaction. OWOX BI checks the statistical significance of calculations and gives you access to a table with confidence intervals. You can be sure of your results and understand how they were obtained.

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Set up a flexible funnel for your business

In OWOX BI, you can create a funnel that meets the structure of your business. By doing so, you can assess the contribution of campaigns to the various funnel steps and understand at what stage marketing doesn’t work well and where more effort is needed.

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How it works

Visualize data with reports from any advertising system or use out-of-the-box templates from OWOX BI

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    Log in to OWOX BI using your Google account

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    Select the systems whose data you want to merge for future reports

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    Get ready-made reports in OWOX BI or use other data visualization tools

Reports & Attribution plan

Marketing Reports and Attribution

Get reports on the mutual impact of advertising campaigns and the effectiveness of your marketing

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