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Automated marketing reports

Get reports of any complexity and in any segments based on high-quality data from Google BigQuery.

Trust your data and reports

Consider all touchpoints

Know the quality of your data at every stage of your work, from collecting raw data to transforming it into a business-ready format.

In case of anomalies, discrepancies, or report breakdowns, you’ll receive a notification describing what’s wrong. Incomplete data, incorrect markup, an unexpected level of matching, transformation breakdowns, and discrepancies in reports will no longer be hidden pitfalls.

Consider all touchpoints
Modern analytics stack

Modern analytics stack

Modern analytics stack

We will offer the most suitable tools for data collection in Google BigQuery to address your tasks and to meet your goals: Google Analytics 4 or OWOX Server-side tracking, Firebase or AppsFlyer.

We will build reports based on any data, if it is available in Google BigQuery.

If you do not store your data in Google BigQuery, we can import all your data automatically or by request.

Build reports of any complexity based on high-quality data

Build reports of any complexity based on high-quality data

The OWOX BI team can create the most complex report in a few clicks. You no longer have to wait for reports from an analyst or learn SQL. SQL queries are created automatically using the correct data merge logic.

Get reports of any depth (cohort analysis, ROPO, RFM, ROI, CRR, LTV), compare the effectiveness of marketing channels and user cohorts, and make timely decisions.

Build reports of any complexity based on high-quality data
Grow fast and stay profitable

Know for sure what’s driving sales

Grow fast and stay profitable

Analyze advertising campaigns from different angles. Consider the mutual impact of channels and the actual profit from CRM.

Evaluate the probability of conversion, movement of new and returned users through your sales funnel, consider all touchpoints, and use the insights obtained to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Entrust your tasks to experts

Entrust your tasks to experts

The OWOX team has experience in implementing over 100 complex reporting projects for marketing teams worldwide.

Such brands as Raiffeisen Bank International, QVC, T-mobile, Veeam and others put OWOX in charge of their tasks.

You can be sure of the project team’s and analysts’ competence; they will analyze your tasks in detail and offer the most suitable solutions for building an analytical stack and data visualization.

Entrust your tasks to experts

Unique advantages of OWOX BI

All data in BigQuery with full GDPR compliance

OWOX BI’s server-side tracking provides secure first-party data collection on your personal domain and sends all your data directly to a location of your choice in the EU.

Data you can trust

You will always know the quality and completeness of your data, the logic of metrics calculation, and finally stop looking for and editing errors in reports.

Cookie expiration time extended to 2 years

OWOX BI server-side tracking collects first-party data and merges it with marketing data in your storage.

The service extends the cookie expiration time up to two years and reduces the direct/none traffic percentage.

Ad cost attributed to sessions

Evaluate the effectiveness of media advertising for different user cohorts, regions, landing pages, and product groups.

Single cross-device user profile

All data about user behavior from your site as well as various devices and applications will be merged into a single profile.

True omnichannel

Create reports based on all marketing channels, online and offline, website and application, actual sales, and returned orders.

Reports & Attribution plan

Marketing Reports and Attribution

Get reports on the mutual impact of advertising campaigns and the effectiveness of your marketing

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