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Collecting data from your website in Google BigQuery

Get raw, unsampled user behavior data from your website. Process and measure it without restrictions and in real-time.

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Get raw, unsampled user behavior data from your website. Process and measure it without restrictions and in real-time.

Get complete, high-quality data at minimal cost

OWOX BI collects data from your website and sends it directly to Google BigQuery. This service is independent of Google Analytics and avoids its restrictions, allowing you to build reports without sampling and based on any parameters.

OWOX BI uses a data structure compatible with Google Analytics and includes many prewritten SQL queries, saving your time when preparing reports.

Get complete, high-quality data at minimal cost
Build reports without sampling or restrictions

Build reports without sampling or restrictions

OWOX BI transfers data from your website to Google BigQuery in full and in a non-aggregated form. It also increases the maximum size of transmitted hits to 16 KB. This means you’ll get a full picture of user actions on your website.

In addition, with OWOX BI, you can collect an unlimited number of user parameters and key dimensions in BigQuery. This allows you to segment users by any characteristic and build deep reports for detailed analysis.

Optimize website download speeds

OWOX BI uses a Google Analytics JavaScript tracker to send data on hits to Google BigQuery, avoiding an additional load on the user’s browser. This reduces page load times and increases conversions. However, it’s also possible to collect data without the Google Analytics tracker using an OWOX BI tracking code.

Optimize website download speeds
Ensure data quality and security

Ensure data quality and security

OWOX BI compares data in BigQuery with data in Google Analytics daily and reports on any significant discrepancies to make sure you don’t lose important data that third-party trackers can’t provide.

OWOX BI also automatically saves data when your Google Analytics or Google Cloud project fails. Therefore, we’re ready to guarantee a level of data collection quality and processing above 96% in our service-level agreement (SLA).

Measure your data in real-time

With OWOX BI, you can quickly form a triggered mailing and find problems on your website as user behavior data appears in your Google BigQuery project within 1 to 5 minutes of the behavior’s occurrence.

Measure your data in real-time
Find out the cost of each session

Find out the cost of each session

OWOX BI calculates the value of each session so you can determine the ROI/ROAS for new and returning users. Compare the profitability of cohorts depending, for example, on whether they’ve seen a banner.

Find out how much you spend and how much you earn on each group you advertise to. Evaluate advertising performance across regions, landing pages, mobile app versions, and applications.

Easily update historical data

With OWOX BI, you don’t need additional data manipulation to consider order purchases or purchased returns or to find out what a new subscriber did on your website in the last 30 days before signing up. OWOX BI allows you to retrospectively update information about costs, users, and transactions that has already been uploaded to Google BigQuery.

Easily update historical data
Reliably evaluate display advertising

Reliably evaluate display advertising

Users can watch your ads without clicking on them or going to the website immediately but still make a purchase later. So how can you measure ad effectiveness?

With post-view reports from OWOX BI, you can learn which video, banner, or publisher brings more conversions online and offline. And which performance channels work best with media ads.

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With OWOX BI, you get complete data from your website
in a familiar and easy-to-use structure.

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Unique advantages of OWOX BI

Personal data collection

Personal data collection

Unlike in Google Analytics, in Google BigQuery you can collect and process personal customer data including emails and phone numbers. Don’t lose users who can’t reach the end of the sales funnel but tried to leave a request on the website.

No vendor lock-in

No vendor lock-in

With OWOX BI, there’s no vendor lock-in. You retain the benefits of the data collected, even if you choose to disconnect from our service and use your own solution or a product with a similar structure (such as Google Analytics 360).

Reliable, fault-tolerant system architecture

Reliable, fault-tolerant system architecture

Our servers are located in different geographical areas. This allows you to collect all hits, minimize access point response times, and cope with peak loads such as on Black Friday.

Additional user ID

Additional user ID

The OWOX User ID helps you optimize traffic acquisition and remarketing costs if you have a network of websites or apps with intersecting audiences.

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How it works

  1. Sign in to OWOX BI using your Google account.

    Sign in to OWOX BI using your Google account.

  2. Select the data you want to collect in Google BigQuery

    Select the data you want to collect in Google BigQuery, grant OWOX BI access, and create a pipeline.

  3. Copy the tracking code

    Copy the tracking code and post it on your website in the most convenient way.

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Collecting data from website in Google BigQuery

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