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BI Smart Data

Talk to your data

OWOX BI Smart Data answers all the questions to your data and helps you make rewarding decisions

So much data,
not much use

You want quick answers to your questions, but you don’t have time to study Google Analytics and other analytics tools.

So every time you need an answer, you have to ask the analysts and wait. You could ignore the data, but what would that do to the quality of your decisions?

Ask your questions in Smart Data and get immediate answers

Imagine that you and your colleagues can always find the right answer to your questions, such as:
Ask your questions in Smart Data

Technologies work
for you

Smart Data algorithm automatically creates a data model describing objects, their properties and interconnections. Thanks to this, you get answers to thousands of questions about your buyers, goods, purchases and ad campaigns.

Your data is under your complete control

Smart Data can process any amount of data and you’ll get answers to your questions in a matter of seconds, since Google BigQuery is used for data processing. OWOX BI Pipeline and easily accessible SDKs serve to bring together all the necessary data from Google Analytics, advertising platforms and other services in Google BigQuery.
OWOX BI processes the data in your Google BigQuery project, so the data is stored and processed according to the PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and SOC 2,3 safety standards. Thanks to using Google account and two-factor authentication, you have complete control over the data.
Data Import
You have full access to the data used for calculations as it’s stored in your Google BigQuery project
Legal API
You can check the accuracy of calculations for each user session at any time
Not Sell Advertising
We are not an advertising agency and do not sell advertising
Official Gallery
OWOX is the official Google Cloud Platform technology partner


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