Accelerate marketing data insights in just a few clicks

Get visualized reports of any complexity on your raw data from Google BigQuery, share custom dashboards, and make data-driven decisions in a matter of clicks. No SQL skills or developers required.

Flexible Reports: Actionable data on each stage of the funnel

From ad campaign results to refund rates, access a range of flexible reports based around the entire customer journey to show what’s happening both on and off your website.

Smart Dashboard: Build your perfect KPI overviews

Smart dashboard is an excellent tool for businesses looking to monitor their performance and stay on top of key metrics. With the ability to create custom dashboards, you can gather together the graphs, tables, and metrics that matter most to your business. 

Smart dashboard provides an overview of your business performance and allow you to quickly track progress and adjust the strategy towards your goals.

End-to-End Analytics: Unlock the full potential of your data

Advanced data grouping and end-to-end filters applicable to any metric enable businesses to categorize their data based on any relevant criteria they have in mind.

Businesses can gain actionable insights into their operations, identify trends and patterns, and make informed decisions to drive growth and increase efficiency.

Custom attribution models: Maximize your ROI

With OWOX BI, you can evaluate the contribution of each ad campaign to conversions and make informed decisions about budget allocation. Unify advertising and revenue data in a single dashboard that shows a clear picture of what really works.

Analyze advertising campaigns from different angles and consider the mutual impact of channels on conversions. Re-allocate your budget accordingly and maximize ROI.

Smart Data: How does it work?

All of your Google BigQuery data can be analyzed through Smart Data reports in OWOX BI and automatically updated in your favourite visualization tool. Filter and compare every nugget step of customer journey goodness to find the cohorts and segments that improve your business.

Start asking advanced questions, such as “how much revenue did we make in May from people who were already on our email list by last October?” and “are visitors from Facebook ads providing us real, long term, value?” 

Save, analyze and share your reports and dashboards to understand each aspect of your business at a glance.

Example Questions OWOX BI Can Answer

  • What was my revenue this month from returning customers?
  • Which specific ad campaign had truely attracted the most leads?
  • Where are my repeat customers coming from?
  • Are my google ads campaigns effective or I am actually geting the most sales from offline channels?
Smart data for smart analysis

Smart data for smart analysis

Easy-to-navigate interface

Easy-to-navigate interface

Our platform offers a simple and convenient way for generating reports. Choose from popular templates (or use your own), select the metrics you need or enter a question in the search box using natural language. 

Export-ready reports from Smart Data

Export-ready reports from Smart Data

With OWOX BI Smart Data, exporting reports to Google Sheets, Looker Studio or other BI tools is a breeze. Simply create your report in OWOX BI, and export it to your preferred service.

Get a complete business overview

Get a complete business overview

OWOX BI allows you to combine marketing data with your website or CRM data for a complete overview of your business performance. Our experts can even develop a custom data model tailored to your business to assess the impact of all marketing efforts, both online and offline.

Simplify your data analysis

Simplify your data analysis

OWOX BI generates ready-to-use SQL queries that you can easily copy and modify. Use them to automate data-based reports in Google Sheets or BigQuery or modify them as needed for your analysis.

Streamline Your Marketing Efforts
with our Extensive Data Connector Library

OWOX BI makes it easy to integrate your data from 150+ platforms, giving you a single source of truth for your reporting and analytics needs. With OWOX, your data is analysis-ready, saving you valuable time and effort.

2,000 companies rely on us

2,000 companies rely on us All testimonials

  • OneClass

    Great Service!

    We needed a solution that allowed us to keep a copy of all the analytics hits we were tracking. OWOX helped us do exactly that. We are able to stream millions...
  • Answear

    A leap forward to better analytics

    OWOX BI helped us take ANSWEAR’s analytics strategy up a level. ANSWEAR is a fast developing online retailer and it needs high-quality analysis. Other analytics tools...
  • Chantelle

    Great job, OWOX team!

    We’ve been working with OWOX on ROPO analysis for the past 6 months. By reconciling data from our CRM systems and behavioral online raw data into Google BigQuery, we were able to better understand our customers’...
  • Mindshare

    Trainings with OWOX

    We asked their help to get more information about Google Analytics and Tag Manager. They came over and gave a good 2 full days of training plus a little extra with analysis. They were...
  • QVC

    Great Team

    We have worked with OWOX on the implementation of the Google Analytics and Big Query products. They have done an huge work and we are totally satisfied for the result, now we are able...
  • DHL Transportörerna Intresse AB

    Amazing product and team

    We are using OWOX BI BigQuery Report for Google Spreadsheet — and love it! It’s powerful as it give us Big Data in a easy manageable format. I can really...


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