Analytics Consulting

Addressing the specific challenges of your business on a permanent or ad-hoc basis

Who can benefit

Consultating will be useful for analysts, big data specialists and marketing specialists.

Why you need it
Our specialists will share their expertise to help enhance the skills of your company’s analysts. You will get answers to questions related to implementing analytics, measuring KPIs that your business needs, and consolidating data.

What we do

What the OWOX team is doing

— We consult on issues related to collecting website and mobile app data in the web analytics system;

— help set up data transfer via the Measurement Protocol;

— show how to build custom reports in Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google BigQuery;

— demonstrate how to create interactive dashboards in Google Data Studio;

— create SQL queries to obtain the Google BigQuery reports required by your business;

— consult on how to apply OWOX BI products in your business.

What you get

You will gain a deeper understanding of various tools used for data collection, processing and reporting: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio, etc. Another advantage would be enhancing the professional skills of your company’s analysts.

Consulting details
Consulting is mainly provided via email, during online meetings, and sometimes over the phone.

One consulting session costs $95 per hour

If you need more than 40 hours of consultations, the average cost per hour will be reduced. Minimum consultation period is 20 hours.

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What else we can do for you


Learn how to set up and use OWOX BI products. Maximize the benefits in the shortest time possible. We will tell you how to validate the data, set up services considering your goals, and apply the results of calculations.

More about setup

Google Analytics Setup & Audit

Obtain an individual measurement plan for your business. We will study your business goals, draw up a list of dimensions and metrics to measure your success, and set technical guidelines for their implementation. We will help you get Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

How we do it

Corporate Training

Enhance your skills in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, Google Analytics APIs, and other tools. We will show you how to integrate the services, collect and analyze data, and then use the data to make informed decisions.

Training for Business
Training for IT-specialists
Google Analytics 360 Training