Training in Setting up and Using OWOX BI Products

Why you
need it

Our specialists offer individual consultations to help you maximize the benefits from OWOX BI products in the shortest amount of time. In two subscription plans : Reports & Attribution and Enterprise, client onboarding is required and charged separately.

What you

You will be ensured of the quality and reliability of the data you analyse — we will help you automate the data collection process. In addition, you will save your employees time, and discover the best practices for your business.

What we do

Data validation and consolidation

We check a number of factors to ensure that you get accurate data reports:

  • The way user and event data (Client ID, User ID and other required parameters) from customer touchpoints (website, mobile app, call center) is sent to Google Analytics.
  • The way Ecommerce data from the website is collected in Google Analytics, and the way full order data is exported to Google BigQuery from your CRM/ERP systems.
  • The correctness of cost data collected in Google Analytics from advertising services, and the correctness of UTM tagging in your campaigns.

If there are discrepancies in the data, we will help identify their causes. We will also consult you on consolidating data and identify the matching key values to consolidate sessions and data across different systems. As a result, you will receive a document with the keys, and if need be, we will conduct an online meeting to go through the details.

Setting up and using OWOX BI

  • We help you set up OWOX BI products in consideration of your specific business goals and processes.
  • We conduct online meetings to train your employees on what products help solve your tasks, how to set up and use the products, and how to apply the results.
  • We help you identify the stages of your customer purchase funnel when setting up the attribution model.
  • We show you how to work with the results of the calculations in OWOX BI Smart Data.

Applying the results
obtained with OWOX BI products

  • We give examples of SQL queries to data.
  • We consult on how to export data to internal BI systems for further processing.
  • We demonstrate how to create and automate reports in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio.

Onboarding details

First, you fill out the questionnaire specifying your business goals so that we can show you how to use OWOX BI products with the maximum benefit for your business. Then, we assign a dedicated team, an analyst and an IT specialist, to conduct onboarding for you and your team during an online meeting. After the meeting, you will get answers to your questions and receive helpful materials: slides, guides, links to useful articles, case studies and webinars. Further communication will be made via email.

The onboarding is usually conducted in 1 to 3 weeks or 16  to 32 hours, depending on the specific needs of your project. Onboarding sessions are conducted by either the OWOX BI team or by our partners.

How much it costs,
and why it’s a paid service

We assign a dedicated specialist in analytics and business intelligence to work with your company. We immerse ourselves deeply into your project, processes, and tasks you’re looking to solve using web analytics. We study business-specific technical peculiarities of your platform. This helps achieve your goals with minimal resources.

Cost of the client onboarding service:
$3,000 for OWOX BI Reports & Attribution
and $7,500 for BI Enterprise.

What to start with

To express your interest in the onboarding service, please email us at contact@owox.com or fill out the form below. We will get back to you ASAP to discuss the details.