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Measure return on ad spend in Google Analytics 4

Automatically link your Ad Platforms cost data to Google Analytics 4 conversion data, so you can analyze your cost per lead (CPL), cost per order (CPO), & return on ad spend (ROAS) to make fully-informed marketing decisions.

Paid Ads and Web Analytics

Tired of manual reporting on different platforms? Get detailed ROAS and CPO reporting to optimize multiple advertising campaigns across different channels with OWOX BI.

Accurate performance monitoring

Tired of guessing where conversions come from? Implement accurate acquisition campaign tracking and allocate your marketing budget effectively.

Full-Funnel Marketing Measurement

Tired of a mismatch between marketing & sales data? Combine your advertising data, on-site analytics, and CRM data together to see the full-funnel performance

Collect data in Google BigQuery

Move your marketing data into BigQuery automatically without SQL and developers. OWOX BI is the easiest way to collect and blend all marketing data in a single storage. No experience in coding needed

Marketing analytics for brands from multiple industries


Boost Your eCommerce Sales with Real-Time Data Insights


Simplify your marketing efforts with a complete overview of retail campaign analytics


Automated marketing analytics for SaaS businesses


Revolutionize your finance marketing analytics with OWOX


Marketing analytics ETL all-in-one tool for game development companies


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