Why is it important to check data quality for marketing analysis?

Effective marketing analytics starts with quality data. After all, the quality of your reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and the management decisions you make based on them directly depend on the completeness and reliability of the data you collect. Poor quality data is the first reason for poor business decisions, due to which businesses lose time and money.

In this article, we explain how to use OWOX BI to collect complete user behavior data from your website and complete cost data from advertising services at minimal cost.

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What’s the problem with data quality?

Analysts and marketers often face the following limitations in their work:

  • Google Analytics loses 10% to 20% of conversions, API data is aggregated, and report data is sampled.
  • Information in advertising services is stored in different formats and currencies. It also changes retrospectively, resulting in discrepancies in reports.
  • Combining data in Google Sheets or in a standard database causes regular crashes and non-obvious errors.

As a result of these limitations, businesses lose time and money.

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How OWOX BI ensures data quality

OWOX BI helps you improve the quality of data-driven decisions by:

  • providing quality data to analysts and application reports to marketers
  • offering a convenient interface for connecting sources
  • converting data into a simple structure
  • always keeping your data up to date
  • allowing you to visually monitor data quality
  • making SLA guarantees in our contracts
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Let’s take a closer look at these and other benefits of OWOX BI.

7 reasons to trust OWOX BI with collecting ad data

Over 27,000 users in 130 countries trust OWOX BI for the number of high-quality integrations it offers. Your team can get these benefits from OWOX:

1. Connect data from dozens of advertising services

OWOX BI automatically delivers statistics from any advertising source with APIs to both Google BigQuery and Google Analytics. This ensures a quick and safe start if you need to quickly derive value from marketing analytics.

Import cost data to Google Analytics

2. Collect cost data from CPA and other sources without APIs

OWOX BI can even collect cost data from CPA sources without APIs by configuring universal import from Google Sheets.

3. Use data for detailed campaign analysis

OWOX BI provides high data granularity. Depending on the API of the source, we collect cost data with up to 5 UTM parameters. For some sources (like Facebook), we send data on up to 80 parameters to Google BigQuery.

4. Save custom markup for your campaigns

OWOX BI collects cost data along with Google Click ID and dynamic parameters in UTM markup. With this data, you and your agency can analyze the effectiveness of even the narrowest customer cohorts.

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5. Always up-to-date data in your reports

To ensure the quality of information in your reports, in addition to collecting cost data, it’s important to monitor data and update historical data daily. OWOX BI does this automatically.

If data available via an advertising service API has changed in the past 21 days (due to click fraud or for some other reason), OWOX BI will automatically update that data in your Google Analytics and Google BigQuery projects. In addition, OWOX BI collects retrospective data from advertising sources for the past six months when connecting a new advertising account.

6. Visual monitoring of quality and errors in UTM markup

OWOX BI automatically shows you campaigns that failed to download complete statistics, indicates possible errors in UTM markup, and tells you how to fix them. You can read more about OWOX BI data monitoring in the article below.

Visual monitoring of quality and errors in UTM markup

7. Quality assurance guaranteed in the contract

OWOX BI includes an SLA for collecting data from advertising systems in every contract.

The benefits we cited are the basis required for the qualitative calculation of CPO and ROAS metrics. Can any other service ensure the same level of quality and save you the cost of manually updating data?

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10 reasons to trust OWOX BI to collect data from your website

OWOX BI collects data directly from your website, processes it, and transmits to Google BigQuery. This allows you to obtain reports without sampling and with any parameters. OWOX BI is independent from Google Analytics but uses an identical data structure.

1. Get complete data and accurate reports

OWOX BI delivers every hit to Google BigQuery without sampling in almost real time. At the same time, the hit limit in OWOX BI is twice as large as in Google Analytics, giving you a complete picture of user actions on your website.

2. Collect data without compromising your website’s loading speed

OWOX BI uses the result of the Google Analytics JavaScript tracker to send hits to Google BigQuery so as not to create an additional load on the user’s browser. This saves a few tenths of a second when loading a page and has a positive effect on conversions. However, sending hits with a separate JavaScript tracker is also possible.

3. Operate stably and without data gaps

OWOX BI monitors Google BigQuery and resends accumulated statistics in the event of a failure. Each day, OWOX BI compares the number of hits, sessions, users, and transactions in database with those in Google Analytics and alerts you of any significant discrepancies. Based on our experience, Google Analytics serves as an excellent technical validator of data in BigQuery, allowing you to react faster.

4. Use thousands of ready-made queries and save time

OWOX BI combines hits into session tables that are convenient and understandable for most analysts, using the same data structure as Google Analytics. You’ll get immediate access to thousands of SQL queries that have already been written for OWOX BI. In the long term, you’ll save money and time on building reports by reusing ready-made scripts.

Collect data in Google BigQuery

5. Work with reliable data to evaluate channels

OWOX BI supports advanced transaction source logic, custom domain exclusion lists, and timeouts for sessions and campaigns. This helps you reduce transaction discrepancies in online analytics to 1–3% by sending transactions from your server and not from the website DataLayer. In order for transactions to bind to the desired sessions, we’ve extended the gap window to 30 days. This allows you to avoid session duplication and get accurate data.

6. Get more data to analyze user behavior

OWOX BI recognizes sessions created by robots, collects geodata so you can report by region, and stores personal data and IP addresses at the level of each hit.

7. Find out your cost data for each session

OWOX BI calculates the value of each session. Thanks to this, you can calculate ROI and ROAS for new and returning users. You can also compare the profitability of user cohorts — for example, depending on whether they saw a banner. Find out how much you spend and how much you earn on each product group. Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising for different regions, landing pages, mobile app versions, and applications.

8. Quality assurance guaranteed

Each OWOX BI contract guarantees an SLA above 96% for data collection on your website and data collection from AppsFlyer.

9. No vendor lock-in

With OWOX BI, you’re not bound to a service provider. You can keep benefiting from your collected data even if you decide to disconnect from OWOX BI and use your own solution or another product with a similar data structure (such as Google Analytics 360).

10. Ultra-reliable fault-tolerant solution

We have servers located in different geographical areas. This allows you to capture all hits, minimize response times for the access point, and cope with peak loads such as on Black Friday. OWOX BI works steadily even with the largest projects, so we know retailers’ loads and needs better than anyone.

Collect data with OWOX BI and increase your marketing efficiency!

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Monitoring data quality in OWOX BI

OWOX BI has a data monitoring service that allows you to track the completeness and relevance of data uploaded to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery from advertising sources.

You can get to the Data monitoring page from the side menu:

Monitoring data quality in OWOX BI

What can you learn by monitoring data?

On the Data monitoring page, you can see all your cost data pipelines from advertising services to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery. Pipelines are divided into types and hidden in drop-down lists:

What can you learn by monitoring data

Click on the type of pipeline you want to display and you’ll see all active pipelines of this type in your OWOX BI project:

Data monitoring

You can choose the period for which you want to view data using the field in the top right corner. You can choose from preset ranges (last 7 days, last 30 days, this month) or specify a date range manually.

OWOX BI Data monitoring

The colors of cells indicate the daily statuses of downloading data from an advertising service to Google Analytics. OWOX BI displays the following statuses:

  • Dark green — Data has been downloaded and there are no discrepancies between data in the advertising service account and in Google Analytics.
  • Light green — Data has been downloaded and the discrepancy between data in Google Analytics and in the advertising service account is within the norm (2%).
  • Yellow — Information about expenses for this day isn’t available in the advertising service account.
  • White with a crossed eye — Data for this day wasn’t imported. There may be three reasons for this:
  1. Data simply hasn’t been loaded yet (for example, if it’s today’s or tomorrow’s data)
  2. Data wasn’t loaded due to technical malfunctions on the part of the advertising service or OWOX BI
  3. In the chosen interval, the pipeline had not yet been created
  • Red — Data has been downloaded, but the discrepancy between data in Google Analytics and in the advertising service account exceeds 2%.

In the first two cases, the status will change when OWOX BI updates data.

By clicking on a cell, you can see the details of its status — the exact percentage of discrepancies and the exact time when OWOX BI last updated the data in Google Analytics:

OWOX BI Data monitoring

The Data monitoring view shows warnings in daily import details using a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. Click on a day with a warning for details:

Data monitoring

Data monitoring is available to all OWOX BI users. If you’ve set up cost data pipelines from advertising services to Google Analytics, you can try this functionality for free.



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  • How can I measure the effectiveness of my data quality management strategy?

    You can measure the effectiveness of your data quality management strategy by tracking key performance indicators such as data accuracy, completeness, consistency, and timeliness. You can also use feedback from stakeholders and conduct regular data quality audits and assessments.
  • How can I ensure the quality of the data I collect for marketing analysis?

    To ensure the quality of your data, you should establish data governance policies, use data validation, cleansing, and enrichment techniques, implement automated data collection and processing systems, conduct regular audits and monitoring, and involve all stakeholders in the data quality management process.
  • What impact does poor-quality data have on marketing analysis?

    Poor quality data can lead to inaccurate and unreliable results, negatively impacting marketing efforts and wasting resources. It may also result in missed opportunities, incorrect targeting, and poor customer experiences.