Webinar 16 August 2022

Google Analytics Alternative: How to keep using the Google tech stack and be GDPR-compliant

  • Vlad Flaks

    Vlad Flaks


The rules of the data privacy game have turned on a dime. Due to the GDPR, Consent Mode, and restrictions on the use of cookies, a lot of companies are now looking for Google Analytics alternatives, as they’re concerned their regular Google tech stack stores data on servers located in the US. Accordingly, companies are thinking of changing their technology stack, which is painful and expensive — but they don’t have to do this.  

During the webinar, we’ll discuss how to make your current Google tech stack GDPR-compliant with a data engineer-friendly solution.

You’ll learn:

  • What problems have arisen with the latest data privacy changes

  • The issues that exist at each step of the data workflow (data collection, data processing, and presenting data in reports)

  • How these issues can be solved with the help of the GDPR-compliant OWOX solution based on the Google tech stack

Who’s the webinar for:

  • Analysts and data/software engineers who need to manage data flows to ensure GDPR compliance without replacing the whole analytics tech stack

  • Digital marketers, heads of digital marketing, and CMOs who struggle from cookie restrictions and proving their campaigns’ results and want to achieve their marketing goals