Webinar 26 January 2017

Free webinar Google Data Studio for Businesses

  • Andrej Sukhovoj

    Andrej Sukhovoj

    Head of Analytics, OWOX BI

  • Pavel Loba

    Pavel Loba

    Tech Lead
    at OWOX BI

​One of the steps to making better business decisions is to convey data in a compelling, easy-to-understand manner. This is when visualization tools come to the aid.

Google Data Studio 360 in Google Analytics 360 Suite is a whole new visualization tool that takes data-driven decision making to a much higher level. It features everything you need to bring your data together, turn it into informative, beautiful reports and dashboards and share them with your colleagues and clients.

Join us for the webinar to find out:

  • How to start using the free version of Google Data Studio;
  • How to connect data sources to Google Data Studio: opportunities and pitfalls;
  • How to create interactive dashboards and charts, how to use filters and manage date ranges;
  • How to add and manage access to the data;
  • How to answer the key questions on a single screen: examples of ready-made dashboards for marketing, IT and UX specialists.

​You will learn about the capabilities Data Studio provides for reporting, and how to use this tool in your business.

The webinar will be useful to:

Everyone who’s looking for the tool to create compelling, easy-to-understand reports based on the data from multiple sources.​