Webinar 16 June 2022

Why Switch to Google Analytics 4 Now: A Quick Guide

  • Ilya Chukhlyaev

    Ilya Chukhlyaev

    Managing Partner @ OWOX

Universal Analytics will be sunset on July 1, 2023. This milestone seems to be very far away. But if you need historical data to figure out a digital campaign's impact on YoY revenue growth, would you have all the data for that? The answer is: no.                   Moving to Google Analytics 4, you can't take your existing Google Analytics data with you and if you don't implement GA4 before July 1, 2022 one year later your metrics won’t be comparable.

At the webinar we will figure out Google Analytics 4 key tips knowing today will help drive marketers KPI’s tomorrow:

  • Where have everyone's favorite Sessions gone? How to deal with new metrics and why they might be useful. 

  • How to use Conversions in reports and what are the differences with Goals. 

  • Explore Funnel, Paths and other reporting tools that will show your efforts from a new perspective. 

  • What’s new in audience segmentation and how to run data-informed experiments. 

And of course, we will highlight the current GA4 vs GDPR battle status.

Who’s the webinar for:

  • Head of Digital Marketing, eCommerce Directors, CMOs who wants to figure out what all the GA4 noise is about. 

  • Digital marketers, Marketing analysts who are worried how to keep doing great marketing while familiar tools are changing.