OWOX BI as an affordable Supermetrics Alternative

Supermetrics is a business analytics software that puts all your metrics and performance indicators in one location. It has four products: Supermetrics for Google Drive, Supermetrics Data Grabber, Supermetrics Uploader and Supermetrics Functions. The catch? In order to just combine data in one DWH you need to pay $190 a month. With OWOX BI, you can set up an unlimited amount of pipelines for data import, use attribution model and build reports based on full data for $55 a month. Plus, with OWOX BI, you can import raw data from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery, transfer historical data for the past six months from ad services to Google Analytics, and do even more.

Integration with Google Sheets
Integration with Google Data Studio
Integration with Google BigQuery
Import raw data from Google Analytics to BigQuery
Ability to combine data
Import data from advertising services to Google Analytics
Transfer historical data for the past 6 months to GA from ad services
Import data from call tracking services to Google BigQuery
Customizable data visualization tool
Attribution reports
Business intelligence reports

The unique advantages of OWOX BI

Complete data

Get session data with all the necessary parameters: trafficSource, isTrueDirect, geo, visitNumber, etc.

Unite audiences across different sites and analyze their intersection using OWOX User ID.
See how much each session costs; your ad spending is transferred daily from GA to GBQ and distributed into sessions.

Quality data

Get raw, unsampled data that accounts for every hit. OWOX BI can transfer 2000+ hits per session, and the maximum hit size is 16 Kb.

Events are always assigned to the correct session. OWOX BI retroactively updates hits sent via the Measurement Protocol for 30 days.


No need to purchase expensive software, licenses, or equipment. OWOX BI has transparent rates based on the number of users and the amount of data processed.

OWOX BI services help you meet your business goals faster

Find out more about your customers and manage your advertising budget effectively