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Explore how MotionVFX transformed its marketing analytics with OWOX BI. In this case study, we dive into the challenges MotionVFX faced, their strategic goals, and the solution that allows them to keep campaign performance under control.


In this case study you’ll discover the impact of the right analytics implementation on marketing strategies and future success.

About MotionVFX

MotionVFX is a pioneering software company specializing in creating cutting-edge plugins for popular video editing software, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. With a remarkable reputation and a strong presence in the industry, MotionVFX has solidified its position as a leader in the market. They are also an official Apple partner. 

Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, MotionVFX stands out as the go-to source for professional video editors and enthusiasts seeking top-tier plugins. The company offers two main categories of products: graphic elements and presets or programming tools, catering to a wide range of creative needs.

"OWOX BI has exceeded our expectations, offering a top-quality analytical solution with excellent support and a positive organizational culture"​

Wojciech Wojtyła
Senior Performance Marketing Specialist, MotionVFX

The Challenges

When it comes to marketing analytics, MotionVFX used Google Analytics for user behavior tracking and Supermetrics to collect ad cost data and visualize them in Looker Studio. Therefore they experienced a few challenges:

Significant proportion of traffic comes from unknown sources

A huge amount of MotionVFX website traffic was coming from unknown sources (direct) / (none), making it challenging to attribute traffic accurately. This lack of attribution clarity hinders their ability to optimize campaigns and other marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Cookie restrictions

They knew that there would be a big decrease in numbers due to changes in privacy regulations, like GDPR, and they didn't want to lose the data. MotionVFX wanted all of the data to be collected, and segmented for better data quality and completeness.

“I wanted to have more data quality and data completeness, exactly, so we could more accurately predict the budget”​

Wojciech Wojtyła, ​
Senior Performance Marketing Specialist, MotionVFX

Lack of up-to-date marketing reports

Marketing reports were updating slowly and were not reflecting the latest performance KPIs, that is why they were not able to make timely adjustments to advertising campaigns and budget allocation.

These challenges highlight the complexities MotionVFX faced in managing the data analytics flow so they can stay on top of their marketing performance to drive growth.

The Goals

Find the true acquisition sources of conversions

MotionVFX was looking for a data tracking solution that provides better tracking quality so they allocate costs to sessions correctly, map a clearer picture of marketing performance, and make more accurate budget predictions.

They also wanted to improve the chances to gain money clarity with the reports which would allow to understand:

  • Which efforts are driving the best results?

  • Which ads are generating more registrations, transactions and demo users?

  • Which activities transform demo users into paying customers? 

Automate marketing reporting

So the goal was to set up a proper dashboard, be able to work on the raw data, having all the data in one place, so all of the reports are built on the same up-to-date data and updated automatically.

Attribution Modeling

MotionVFX also aimed to play around with the application of the different attribution models, to get insights into the contribution of different touchpoints (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, organic, social, email, etc.) to conversions and revenue.

“I'm a data-driven guy, so I won't make any decisions before conducting a thorough proper analysis”

Wojciech Wojtyła
Senior Performance Marketing Specialist, MotionVFX

To address all of the challenges and reach the goals, MotionVFX team made a decision to implement End-to-End analytics with OWOX BI. They also challenged themselves to use the power of data to optimize channels & campaigns and make more business decisions based on accurate analytics.

The OWOX BI Solution Overview

OWOX BI is a comprehensive analytics platform that covers everything from data collection and streaming to attribution modeling and reporting. With OWOX BI, companies get a complete view of their marketing activities across various channels, empowering advertising specialists to optimize their ad spending and achieve better ROI.

​​OWOX BI offers three powerful solutions for data management and analysis:

solutions for data management and analysis

OWOX BI Pipelines facilitates seamless data collection from various advertising platforms, CRMs, and website builders, enabling organizations to consolidate all their data in one place in order to have a data source of truth and gain better insights.

OWOX BI Streaming is a cookieless real-time user behavior tracking system, ensuring privacy compliance with regulation and extending the lifespan of cookies. Marketers can accurately track the entire conversion journey, find the true sources of conversions, and gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

OWOX BI Transformation saves time on data preparation (average of 70 hours per month). With pre-built low- or no-code transformation templates (based on 100’s delivered projects across multiple industries), businesses can quickly produce trusted datasets for reporting, modeling, and operational workflows.

Lastly, OWOX BI integrates with visualization tools like Looker Studio, Tableau, or Power BI, enhancing data-driven decision-making by building customizable reports & keeping the data always up-to-date.

The Implementation Process

The implementation process involved several steps:

1. Advertising Cost Data Collection

First, MotionVFX used OWOX BI Pipelines to collect advertising cost data from Facebook and Google Ads into Google BigQuery, as well as to collect affiliate expenses.

2. Cookieless Web Analytics Setup

Next, we’ve helped our client to implement cookieless on-site analytics tracking. This allowed us to collect user behavior data in real-time through OWOX BI Streaming to the same client’s project in Google BigQuery.

3. Data Preparation

To prepare the data for visualization, MotionVFX used a few transformation templates:

  • Blended AdSpend template used to merge advertising cost data across multiple channels (+ affiliate expences) to compare campaign KPIs in a single report;

  • Sessionization transformation template used to group on-site events into sequences to find true sources of conversions;

  • Cost Attribution template was used to map sessions with ad cost data, so each session now has it’s own cost.  

  • Then MotionVFX applied a set of attribution models in just a few clicks.

    4. Reporting and dashboards

    As a result of previous steps, MotionVFX got the table in Google BigQuery prepared for reporting and visualization in any BI tool. They have decided to use our CMO Dashboard template for Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) to keep all of their visual reports in the same place.

    These reports are updated every day, providing the team with actionable insights.

    The primary goal was to gather all the data and set up a proper dashboard for reporting. The implementation was smooth and easy.

    “The CMO Dashboard is everything we wanted to get our analysis to the next level. It's perfect.” 

    Wojciech Wojtyła,
    Senior Performance Marketing Specialist, MotionVFX

    Benefits and Advantages

    While quantifying the exact impact can take time, MotionVFX already realized these key advantages:

    • Full visibility into marketing performance: OWOX BI has empowered MotionVFX to use CMO dashboard for day-to-day results monitoring.

    • New opportunities: Now it’s easy to analyze marketing efforts from different angles, apply different attribution models, use cross-filters, drill-downs and more.

    • Scalability: As an adaptable platform, its easy to add a new traffic source to the existing report.

    • Transparency: MotionVFX now possesses a deep understanding of the methodology behind KPIs calculations and reports buildout. It’s easy to adjust the data preparation logic to meet the business goals.

    "Transparency in calculations ensures that we comprehend the underpinnings of every business KPI, using analysis for making decisions." 

    Wojciech Wojtyła
    Senior Performance Marketing Specialist, MotionVFX

    These benefits have equipped MotionVFX to make well-informed decisions, optimize operations & strategies.

    These benefits have equipped MotionVFX to make well-informed decisions, optimize operations & strategies.

    Since implementing OWOX BI for their data analytics procedures, MotionVFX has achieved the following business outcomes:

    • Deep understanding of user behavior: MotionVFX improved understanding of user behavior on their website, their purchasing habits, overall ability to track various website KPIs and specific metrics (eg. free products downloads, their conversion into paying customers).

    • Granular Channel Insights: The end-to-end analytics implementation granted MotionVFX clear and comprehensive insights into the performance of marketing channels with an extraordinary granularity down to keywords.

    • Automated Reporting: By automating reporting processes, MotionVFX has significantly reduced the time spent on report preparation tasks.

    • Full Marketing Visibility: The implementation of OWOX BI has amplified MotionVFX's visibility into marketing performance, enabling a more profound understanding of campaign effectiveness.

    By implementing advanced marketing analytics, MotionVFX has set their team to use data for decision-making, improving marketing strategies, and defending their position as industry leaders.

    icon Dashboard template

    CMO Dashboard

    icon Dashboard template

    CMO Dashboard